A Large Sinkhole Swallows A Car Near Galveston

Houston is notoriously difficult for drivers, as we all know. Some of H-Town’s busiest streets are dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians; if you’re not cautious, missing your exit on one of the city’s congested mega-highways might send you on an impromptu trip to another town.

But even the majority of us seasoned Houston drivers are unlikely to have seen an on-road catastrophe like the one Galveston resident John King encountered on Tuesday.

The Galveston Daily News said that King made a detour to escape the work on Galveston’s 23rd Street on his way home from the grocery store on Tuesday afternoon.

A Large Sinkhole Swallows A Car Near Galveston

King told the Galveston Daily News, “My car just went down when I turned left.” “I sensed that something was off. I attempted to unlock my door but failed to comprehend how deeply the automobile was buried. I said, “Woah, this is not right,” as mud began to flow in. King continued, stating that in order to avoid getting sucked into the SUV, he had to escape via a window.

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Jason Graves posted a video of King’s orange SUV on Facebook, showing it submerged up to its back wheels in a sizable sinkhole in the road and brown water spewing out onto the pavement.

According to Marissa Barnett, a City of Galveston spokesman, the sinkhole was caused by a broken water main, according to the Galveston Daily News. Barnett said, “Homes and businesses in the immediate area may experience a loss of water while crews work to fix the water line.” Galveston’s traffic department has already cordoned off the area, she said.

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