A Texas Guy Was Released On Bond In A Murder Case, Charged With A New Weapons Offense And Then Released Again

According to court records, a Texas man charged with killing his friend in Harris County in March 2021 was released on a $100,000 bond, then was charged with illegally carrying a weapon in November 2022 and released on bond once again, this time for $10,000.

James Sotelo, 20, is suspected of shooting and killing the victim, and now the victim’s family is wondering why the accused killer was even released on bond in the first place.

The mother of victim Corey Thompson Jr., 17, April Wright, told Fox 26 Houston, “That is what is upsetting us the most.” “This child clearly disobeys the law and the court he is in, yet he is nevertheless permitted to return home and spend time with his family. This child is still roaming the neighborhood but my son is never permitted to return home.”

Thompson was allegedly shot by Sotelo on March 20, 2021, and then died. For shooting his brother in the same episode, he was also charged with aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury, however, his brother lived.

James Sotelo Admitted Of Murder At The Scene

A criminal complaint claims that Sotelo told a deputy present at the scene that he had shot Thompson.

“I killed him. When he attempted to take my gun, I shot him “According to the criminal complaint.

The complaint states that Thompson suffered “several gunshot wounds to the back of his head” in addition to an “entry wound on the backside” of his neck.

The complaint claimed that Sotelo’s brother was shot while he was in a different room and that the bullets that impacted him looked to have passed through the wall.

Judge Josh Hill (D) authorized him to deposit a $100,000 bond despite the Harris County District Attorney’s Office’s request for a $150,000 bond in the murder case.

In November 2022, more than a year later, Sotelo was accused of carrying a weapon illegally in Montgomery County, which borders Harris County to the north. According to court documents, he was freed in that instance after posting a $10,000 bond.

Days after the occurrence, the murder case’s bond was to be revoked by the Harris County District Attorney, but Sotelo was instead put under round-the-clock home arrest.

On Wednesday, a request for comment was not answered by the Sotelo-related attorney listed in court documents.

Crime Stoppers Houston’s director of victim services, Andy Kahan, expressed his displeasure with the way the criminal justice system treats potential violent criminals.

According to Kahan, who spoke to Fox 26 Houston, “if you’re on bond for murder and charged with having a gun—a gun that should be automatic—you go back to jail to see what happens with those cases, but that’s not happened.” “Now that he’s out on bond in two different counties, to me, that just spells disaster.”

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