Allegations Of Teacher Tape: Texas School District Launches Investigation

A Texas school district is investigating a teacher who taped a student to a chair Wednesday. Charlotte Johnson said her 10-year-old son, Zye, was taped to a chair by his fourth-grade teacher at Crosby Elementary School in Forney, 30 minutes from Dallas. “I’m very emotional. I haven’t had any sleep,” Johnson” “That’s something you don’t do to a child.”

Johnson said Zye told his mother his teacher grabbed him by the arm after lunch Wednesday and led him to his chair. Johnson said the teacher had two other students hold him down by his other arm and get the tape. She taped Zye to his chair, keeping his arms free.

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Johnson said Zye’s classmates hit him in the head when the teacher left the class to return the tape. His mother said Zye, who has dwarfism and chronic migraines, instinctively put his arms up to avoid being hit in the face. “My son has dwarfism. He’s 10, but he doesn’t look like he is, “He tells me one of the students told him, ‘I’m going to slap you as hard as Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

Allegations Of Teacher Tape: Texas School District Launches Investigation
Allegations Of Teacher Tape: Texas School District Launches Investigation

Zye had a headache and left the tape after the teacher returned to “cool down” in the classroom. Johnson said, “You know I was just playing with you,” when the teacher came over. Zye told the nurse what happened. Johnson received a call from an assistant principal after school about what happened. She said the official replied, “He wouldn’t be still.”

In 2007 a similar incident happened in texas when a teacher duct-taped a 10-year-old student the Fox5vegas posted a Tweet about that. You can see the tweet below.

“Angered. “You mean to tell me she taped him because he wouldn’t be still?” “Johnson” “It doesn’t matter what he did—you don’t hurt a child. He’s human. Don’t let students assault him.” Johnson was informed the teacher was on administrative leave. “Aware of the allegations, and an investigation is underway,” the Forney Independent School District said Tuesday.

“There are two sides to every story,” spokesperson Kristin Zastoupil said. The school district did not identify the teacher, administrative leave status, or criminal charges. Johnson wants the teacher fired and charged. “She shouldn’t teach kids. She should be arrested for exposing my child to student assaults “Johnson said.

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According to NBC news, Johnson said Zye returned to school the next day with a different teacher and that the school district hasn’t contacted her about the investigation. My son was in your care, and you’re supposed to protect him from things like this, but it seems you’re only worried about the teacher,” Johnson said of the school district.

“It appears you’re protecting the teacher and not concerned about my son.” Johnson’s teacher did not immediately comment.

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