Charlie Sloth Net Worth: Has He Invested In An Alcohol Company?

What is Charlie Sloth Net Worth? Charlie Sloth is an English musician, actor, and television personality who has accumulated a net worth of $30 million over the course of his career. The BBC radio programs “The Rap Show” and “The 8th” both air late at night, and Charlie Sloth is most known for hosting those shows.

Charlie Sloth Net Worth

Charlie Sloth Net Worth is $30 Million in 2023. His most well-known radio series is called “Fire in the Booth,” and it has him inviting a variety of hip-hop MCs to his studio to play freestyle tracks. Sloth, in addition to his other endeavors, is responsible for the curation of playlists for Apple Music. After Charlie Sloth Net Worth we will talk about his shares in an alcohol company.

Au Vodka By Charlie Sloth

A brand of alcohol known as Au Vodka was introduced to the market in 2016 by two aspiring businesspeople named Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn. They began with the creation of 2,000 bottles, which were then sold to various drinking establishments in their hometown of Swansea, which is located in Wales.

After a few years, they recruited Charlie Sloth to work with them both as an investor and as a brand ambassador. Reportedly, the company now manufactures 35,000 bottles every day in a half dozen different tastes, each of which can be purchased in over 40 different countries and 32 different states in the United States. According to an article published in the Times of London in 2022, Charlie Morgan and Jackson each had a net worth of $50 million as a direct result of their stock shares in Au Vodka.

Charlie Sloth On BBC Radio 1

As a radio DJ on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra, Sloth first gained widespread recognition in the United Kingdom. Following his tenure as the presenter of the daily drive-time show, which lasted from 2012 until 2017, he moved on to become the host of his new late-night program, “The 8th.” The program was renowned for having explicit content that is not generally broadcast on BBC Radio 1, such as vulgar language and graphic discussions of sexual themes.

Another important program that Sloth hosted was called “The Rap Show,” and it aired on Saturday evenings. His most well-known part, “Fire in the Booth,” was featured on the show. In it, various hip-hop MCs came to record freestyle beats in his studio. Akala, Lowkey, Tinie Tempah, Migos, Drake, and Bugzy Malone were just a few of the hundreds of artists who made an appearance. Throughout the entirety of the section, Sloth would tap on the glass of the booth, and in the background, he would load new tunes. You can also read about Matt Mullenweg Net Worth.

The Awards For Audio And Production To Charlie Sloth

In 2018, Sloth made the announcement of his departure from BBC Radio 1 at the beginning of the month of October, and his final program was scheduled to air at the beginning of November. After however, he stormed the stage at the Audio and Production Awards and profanely screamed over his defeat by artist Edith Bowman, the station ordered him to drop out early in order to avoid any further embarrassment. After being booed off the stage, Sloth later issued an apology for the incident that occurred.

Albums As Well As Mixtapes Of Charlie Sloth

Throughout his career, Sloth has distributed a number of mixtapes, the first of which was titled “The Big Boot” and was published in 2004. Following that came “Secret Society,” “Hard Being Good,” “The Black Book,” and “Hood Heat Vol. 1 and 2,” to name a few of the titles. “The Plug,” Sloth’s debut studio album, was released the same year (2017). It features guest performances from a variety of artists and boasts a total of 22 tracks, including contributions from Giggs, Ace Hood, Jadakiss, Sean Kingston, and Stormzy. You can also read about Miley Cyrus Net Worth.

Other Ventures Of Charlie Sloth

In addition to his previous endeavors, Charlie Sloth starred in and hosted the web series “Being Charlie Sloth,” which ran for 59 episodes and was updated weekly. A few years later, in the summer of 2020, he secured a collaboration arrangement with Jay Z’s Roc Nation brand.

Other Ventures Of Charlie Sloth
Other Ventures Of Charlie Sloth

Roc Nation is an entertainment company. Other endeavors that Charlie Sloth is involved in include the premium vodka brand AU Vodka, of which he is a partial owner, as well as his own record label and publishing company called Grimey Limey. Sloth also produces music under his own name. You can also read about Gerard Louis-Dreyfus Net Worth.

Final Lines: Charlie Sloth Net Worth is $30 Million. When the Canadian CraveFest Awards were held in 2007, Sloth’s music video for “Guided Tour of Camden” took home the trophy for Most Original Video. The following year, he took up the award for Best Unsigned Rap/Hip-Hop/R&B Artist.

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