Clifton Powell Net Worth: Was Rape Allegations On Him Found True?

Clifton Powell Net Worth: An American actor and comedian named Clifton Powell have a $400 000 net worth. Most people are probably familiar with Clifton Powell from his portrayal of Pinky in the comedies “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next” from 2000. “Ray,” “Selma, Lord, Selma,” “Dead Presidents,” and “Rush Hour” is some other Clifton Powell movies.

He also appeared in 1993’s “Menace II Society” and the independent thriller “Chain Letter.” Additionally, he contributed voiceovers to 2004’s “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and appeared in the 2007 Eddie Murphy film “Norbit,” the Ray Charles biopic “Ray,” and other films.

Clifton Powell Net Worth

Clifton Powell Net Worth is $400 Thousand in 2023.  Washington, D.C. is where Clifton Powell was born on March 16, 1956. He was raised in the northeastern neighborhood of the city, Mayfair Mansions. The Duke Ellington School of Arts served as his high school.

Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, he kept producing pictures for theatres and television. Hot Boyz, Civil Brand, Love Chronicles, Never Die Alone, Knights of the South Bronx, Jada, Steppin: The Movie, Trapped: Haitian Nights and The Undershepherd are a few of these movies “among numerous others Powell occasionally portrays the lead characters, but he is best renowned for his work as a talented supporting actor.

Career Of Clifton Powell

In the 1980s, Powell started his acting career. In 1981, he made an appearance in the television movie “Ephraim McDowell’s Kentucky Ride.” He made an appearance in “Alphabet City” in 1984. Over the following few years, he didn’t do much work, but in the 1990s, his acting career took off. “House Party,” “Heat Wave,” “Deep Cover,” “Conflict of Interest,” “Nowhere to Hide,” “Dead Presidents,” “Riot,” and “Buffalo Soldiers” are just a few of the movies he acted in during the 1990s.

He started landing bigger parts in movies like “Phantoms,” “Caught Up,” “Rush Hour,” “Why Do Fools Fall in Love,” “Safe House,” and “The Breaks” by the end of the 1990s. He secured a significant role in “Next Friday” in 2000. In the 2002 sequel “Friday After Next, Woman Thou Art Loosed,” he played the same part once more. Then, in 2004, he had a significant part in the movie “Ray.” He was given an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture for his performance in that movie. Then, in the 1999 movie “Selma, Lord, Selma,” he took on the role of Martin Luther King Jr.

Career Of Clifton Powell
Career Of Clifton Powell

Rape Allegations On Clifton Powell

In 2011, a Louisiana woman named Kiayante Myers accused Powell of raping her in a hotel room, putting Powell in some legal hot water. After the police were unable to advance with the investigation due to a lack of evidence, she filed a complaint in federal court. A federal judge declared him innocent in 2017 and the lawsuit was dropped.

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Individual Life Of Clifton Powell

Clifton Powell personal life has not been discussed in great detail. It is acknowledged, though, that he is wed to Kimberly. Mary and Clifton Jr., their two children, were born to them both. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with his son on some artistic endeavors because his son has found employment in Hollywood as a writer and director. News organizations also reported that in 2022 Clifton Jr., his son, was dating Sasha Obama, the former president’s daughter.

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Final Lines

Clifton Powell Net Worth is $400 Thousand. Over the course of his career, Powell has done a lot of work in television. In the 1990s, he started to make appearances in TV shows. He made appearances in a few of his early films, such as “Cop Rock,” “Gabriel’s Fire,” “Matlock,” “Martin,” and “Equal Justice.” He played a part in the “Roc” show’s recurrent cast from 1992 to 1994. Additionally, he made cameos on “South Central,” “NYPD Blue,” and “Murder She Wrote.” He secured a lead part in the television series “Ryan Caulfield: Year One” in 1999.

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