Colin Kroll Death And Take A Look At The Career

American entrepreneur Colin Kroll born in May 1984, died on or around December 16, 2018. He is most known for his work on the video-sharing platform Vine and the trivia software HQ Trivia.

American entrepreneur Colin Kroll was a household name in the tech capital of the world, Silicon Valley. He helped create the video-sharing software Vine and the popular quiz game HQ Trivia. Besides leading HQ Trivia, he also held the position of chief executive officer.

Colin Kroll’s Cause Of Death

On the morning of December 16, 2018, Kroll’s body was discovered at his apartment in the financial district of New York City. When she could not, his girlfriend contacted the NYPD to inquire about his health.

Colin Kroll Death

Kroll was lifeless in his bedroom when the police arrived at his flat. Kroll was found with heroin and cocaine in his immediate vicinity, leading authorities to suspect an overdose. The medical examiner for the City of New York will conduct an autopsy to determine what killed Kroll.

Nationality of Colin Kroll

Our most recent research indicates that Colin Kroll was born in the United States. The loyalty one feels toward one’s country due to outstanding achievements in one’s chosen sector is a source of pride for both the person and the nation.

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People are naturally curious about the origins of the famous personalities or celebrities they look up to, as this is often seen as a proxy for the quality of those people.

Profession Of Colin Kroll

Kroll’s earliest IT job was as a software programmer for Right Media, an internet advertising fir. He and others 2009 founded the short video-making and sharing app, Vin. His net worth is reportedly in the $36 million range.

After seeing rapid growth in its user base, Twitter purchased the app in 201. Kroll remained with Vine until 2014 when he moved to co-found another firm called HQ Trivia.

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Almost a million people downloaded the HQ Trivia app when it first because it was a live quiz game that quickly became wildly popular. Until his untimely passing in 2018, Kroll was the leader of HQ Trivia.

Colin Kroll Honors and Achievements

American entrepreneur Colin Kroll, whose work includes the creation of the hit apps Vine and HQ Trivia, has died. He had just been 34 years old when he went away in 2018.

In his lifetime, he accomplished a lot and won a few trophies. Some of his honors and recognitions include the following:


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