Coronavirus Pandemic blackens EchoStar’s Next Mission

The executives of EchoStar are complaining that the coronavirus outbreak is withholding them from launching their new satellite. The company says that since the order of this satellite, they are yet to start it so that it can generate results for their subsequent internet activities. They further state that the launching of this satellite is necessary for its expanding operations in America. The expansion is vital because they are a small satellite internet firm.

Anders Johnson, who is the company’s Chief Strategy Officer, reiterates that the virus outbreak is a major hindrance to the completion of their satellite. He claims they are positive that the only restriction is the launch. He says they can easily pen down the mission contract.

Johnson further argues that they now have to postpone the purchase of the space rocket. He says that unless there is certainty in the finalization of the satellite, they cannot consider otherwise. Pradman Kaul, who is the company’s largest shareholder, ascertains that the coronavirus outbreak is the cause of the incomplete spacecraft. He notes that health regulations restrict the quick flow of operations. 

Kaul further claims that the most promising time of launch of Jupiter-3 is mid next year. At this time, various companies like Mitsubishi will be shifting to the rocket launch. Another company hopeful in this line of time is SpaceX. He retorts that they are in talks with other companies that provide launch services to make sure their plan for the Jupiter-3 satellite is a success. Kaul adds that another of their purchases is yet to start operations. He says that this mission is also uncertain since the employees are at home.

Kaul says that more delays mean that they have to widen their storage facilities in America. This move results in even more expenses that are unavoidable at this time. He says that EchoStar is eating into the profits from Hughes Network System. He confirms that demand for its internet service is high, especially now that most business owners work from home. He says that their limitation is that their internet satellite is incomplete. 

Michael Dugan, EchoStar CEO, comments that their current internet satellite only covers the suburbs. He hopes that the launch of Jupiter-3 is fast enough to counter increasing demand. EchoStar’s dependence on OneWeb ground stations has to stop since the latter demands the implementation of the bankruptcy protection regulations. 

To conclude, with the bankruptcy case in court, EchoStar hopes for a quick solution for the coronavirus pandemic. It is to ensure the completion of its projects and therefore counter its losses.