Dirk Blocker Net Worth: Have A Look At Some Of The Best Movies Of Him

Dirk Blocker Net Worth: Dirk Blocker is a writer and actor from the United States. Dirk Blocker is the brother of producer David Blocker and the son of actor Dan Blocker. Dirk is best known for his roles as 1st Lt. Jerome “Jerry” Bragg on the NBC sitcom “Black Sheep Squadron” (1976-1978) and Detective Michael Hitchcock on the Fox/NBC sitcom “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (1990-1993). Blocker has over 70 acting credits to his credit. So, what is Dirk Blocker Net Worth?

Dirk Blocker Net Worth

Dirk Blocker Net Worth is $4 Million in 2023. Dolphia Lee Parker and actor Dan Blocker are Dirk’s parents. Dirk is their son. Dan served in the Korean War, and from 1959 through 1972, he portrayed Hoss Cartwright on the television show “Bonanza,” which aired on NBC. After undergoing surgery to remove his gallbladder, which resulted in the formation of a blood clot, he passed away in May of 1972 due to a pulmonary embolism. Blocker has three siblings: a brother named David, as well as two sisters who are identical twins named Danna Lynn and Debra Lee.

Is Dirk Blocker Married?

Dirk married Danielle Aubuchon on November 3, 1990. Actress Danielle appeared in the episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” titled “The Big House Pt. 1” in 2017, where she had a guest appearance. When the couple adopted two puppies in June 2021, their names were Maude and Phyllis. When Blocker announced the adoption on Instagram, he stated that the canines “were strays on the streets of Bakersfield, in need of some TLC, but now they’re home.” His bio on the NBC website states that he “went back to school to acquire his bachelor of arts degree so that he could teach K-12,” which indicates that he pursued higher education.

Achievements Of Dirk Blocker

As a member of the cast of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Blocker was considered for nominations for a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2015 for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series and an IGN Summer Movie Award in 2019 for Best TV Ensemble. Both awards went to other ensembles from the show.

Achievements Of Dirk Blocker
Achievements Of Dirk Blocker

Dirk Blocker Voted Joe Biden

Dirk Blocker has recently expressed his unhappiness with Donald Trump and voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Despite the fact that he is not particularly engaged in politics, Dirk has pushed others to vote for Joe Biden and has voted for him himself.

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Since the coronavirus epidemic, Dirk’s interests have shifted to include solving puzzles, composing short tales and poetry, and playing puzzle video games.

He is an avid fan of canines and even owns a dog of his own, who makes appearances in a few of his posts on Instagram, both stills and videos.

Dirk has his own list of preferred actors and actresses, including the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, and Helena Bonham Carter. Some of his preferred films are “Pulp Fiction,” “Sin City,” and “Fight Club.”

Some Famous Dirk Blocker Movies

In the 1980 comedy “Midnight Madness,” which was written and directed by Michael Nankin and David Wechter and starring David Naughton, Debra Clinger, and Joel Kenney, he played Blaylak – Green Team. Five teams of college students are followed in the film as they engage in a scavenger quest.


The criminal comedy “Trouble in Mind,” the romantic science fiction “Starman,” and the 1982 crime thriller “The Border” all had Dirk in supporting parts. In the romantic fantasy comedy “Made in Paradise,” which featured Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis and followed a guy who dies and is sent to heaven where he falls in love with a beautiful girl, he played a supporting role in 1987. The film was nominated for two awards and won one of them.

Later, Dirk got the chance to star in Clint Eastwood’s action comedy “Pink Cadillac” and the 1989 horror comedy “Cutting Class” with a teenage Brad Pitt.

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The 1993 comedy-drama “Short Cuts,” written and directed by Robert Altman and starring Andie MacDowell, Julianne Moore, and Tim Robbins was arguably one of Dirk’s most well-liked films. It explores the lives of numerous Los Angeles people and was nominated for 19 other honors, including the Oscar. It won 17 accolades. In the 1997 crime drama “Mad City,” starring John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman, Dirk played a bowler. The film centers on a security guard who holds a group of schoolchildren captive while a reporter covering the incident develops a friendship with the kidnapper

Final Lines

Dirk Blocker Net Worth is $4 Million currently. He appeared in the 1979 documentary film “Circus of the Stars #3”, as well as in the TV specials “The 35th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards” and “Paul Reiser: Out on a Whim”. Dirk has been invited to make a guest appearance in several talk shows, including “The Mike Douglas Show”, “Home & Family” and “Hollywood Game Night”.

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