Drew Barrymore Net Worth 2023: Have A Look At Her Salary Highlights

Drew Barrymore Net Worth: An American actress, director, and producer by the name of Drew Barrymore is worth $125 million. Drew Barrymore triumphed after surviving the crucible. She was raised in the entertainment industry as the daughter of well-known actors and was a genuine star by the age of seven.

She became a media darling and swiftly outgrew childhood thanks to her high-profile early performances in movies like “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial,” “Firestarter,” and “Irreconcilable Differences.”

Drew Barrymore Net Worth

Drew Barrymore Net Worth is $125 Million in 2023. For her numerous real estate transactions throughout the years, Drew Barrymore has garnered media attention. She reportedly paid just over $5.5 million in 2019 for a 5,600-square-foot home in the Hamptons close to the shore.

Drew purchased a 6,258-square-foot mansion in Montecito, California, for $5.5 million in 2010. The house has six bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms, and it sits on a little bit more than two acres of property. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood floors, a huge, bright eat-in kitchen, and numerous fireplaces are further characteristics of the home.

Acting Career Of Drew Barrymore

Barrymore started her acting career even earlier in life, at the age of just 11 months. She allegedly won the job after being nipped by a dog during her audition for a dog food commercial and choosing to laugh as opposed to crying. She made her feature film debut in the science fiction movie Altered States a few years later, but it was her part as Elliot’s younger sister Gertie in the movie E.T. two years later that catapulted her to international fame.

Barrymore was chosen for the 1984 Stephen King adaption Firestarter after E.T. She appeared in the film Irreconcilable Differences that same year as a young girl fighting for the divorce of her famous parents, a part that had uncanny similarities to her own life. She appeared in another Stephen King movie the following year, 1985’s horror compilation Cat’s Eye. She kept working throughout the 1980s despite having a more complicated personal situation.

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As she made a concerted effort to shed her image as a child actor and started acting in more mature teen parts, Barrymore underwent a change in the image during the 1990s. The most recognizable of these is most likely 1992’s Poison Ivy, which was a box office failure when it was released theatrically but later developed into a cult favorite on-home video.

She appeared in another legendary classic in 1993, the utterly illimitable sensual thriller Doppelganger. Alongside Adam Sandler, she had another standout performance in the late 1990s’ The Wedding Singer, and she brought the decade to a close in 1999 with Never Been Kissed.

Is Drew Barrymore Married?

Although Drew Barrymore personal life has been marked by ups and downs since she was a young child, her first marriage to Jeremy Thomas, a Los Angeles bar owner, lasted only two months in 1994 when she was 19 years old. She began dating the comedian Tom Green in 1999, and they were wed the following year.

Is Drew Barrymore Married
Is Drew Barrymore Married

They appeared in one other’s movies in cameo roles—she in his directorial debut Freddy Were Fingered and he in Charlie’s Angels—but they got divorced in 2002. She wed the art consultant Will Kopelman in 2012; the couple, who have two daughters together, divorced in 2016. She has also been able to claim not one, but two well-known song titles, one by SZA and the other by rapper Bryce Vine.

Drew Barrymore Salary Highlights

As an illustration, consider the $250,000 she received for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind or the $500,000 she reportedly received for Donnie Darko. She received $1.5 million for her work in Mad Love in 1995, and for Ever After in 1998, she demanded a $3 million salary. Her Charlie’s Angel franchise premiere in 2000 was valued at $9 million, while the follow-up earned $14 million. She then received her largest payment of $15 million in 2007.

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Final Lines

Drew Barrymore Net Worth is $125 Million. Barrymore had a history of favoring smaller roles in movies she worked on for creative fulfillment, with smaller remuneration to match, at various stages in her career.

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