Good Samaritan In Texas Said Of Pinning Down A Drunk Driver Who Killed A Police Officer: “I Wanted Him Done WithDrunk Driver Who Killed A Police Officer

People in Texas say that a good Samaritan tackled and held down a drunk driver who may have killed a Texas police officer. The Good Samaritan, whose name is Justin Gonzalez, says that adrenaline and instinct helped him catch the bad guy and turn him over to the police.

“I wanted him down. I wanted him done with. I wanted the cops to get him,” Gonzalez told FOX  4.

Gonzalez told FOX 4 Dallas about when Euless Police Detective Alex Cervantes was off duty. The surveillance video from November 2021 shows what happened after Dylan Molina, 26, crashed his rented Jeep into a white sedan at a busy intersection in Lake Worth, Texas, while he was drunk and driving fast. The crash killed the driver of the white sedan.

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Cervantes was not on duty at the time of the accident, so he was driving the white sedan. The police officer died at the scene, and his boys and wife were hurt.

"I Wanted Him Dead," Said A Good Samaritan In Texas About The Drunk Driver Who Killed A Police Officer

Who Killed Texas Off-duty Cop In Car Crash

WFAA, Fox 4 got, and other news stations, shows how convicted killer Dylan Molina tried to run away on foot after the crash on November 27, 2021, that killed Euless police Detective Alex Cervantes while he was in the car with his family. Soon, Molina fell over his own feet, and Gonzalez held him down until the police came.

“I don’t know why it had to happen that it did,” Gonzalez said. “But I knew he wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t let him go.”

Reports say that Molina ran a red light as he left a local bar, which led to the crash that killed the detective and hurt his wife and two children. The Fort-Worth Star-Telegram said that Molina pleaded guilty in January to manslaughter while drunk and three counts of assault while intoxicated.

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KXAS got an arrest affidavit that said Richardson was guilty of criminal negligence because she kept serving Molina while he was drunk, which led to the crash that killed him.

According to the arrest affidavit, Richardson told police in a January 2022 interview that she didn’t know Molina was drunk until he walked into an employee-only bar area just before he left.

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