Twelve new electric vehicles that GM intends to introduce in the automotive industry

GM intends to top up more cars to the current electric Chevy Bolt. The firm will be launching 12 of its new EVs according to the 2019 report. GMC Hummer is one of the EV brands that General Motors is eager to deploy to the automotive market. 

Although these vehicles are for the US market, some might be taken directly to the other markets like China. This launch is part of GM’s plan to reach a million EV sales in both the Chinese and North American markets. Some of the things that EV fanatics are eager to witness with these cars is the modular tenets and the Ultrium battery system. Some details of these EVs are below.

First, we have the Cadillac. The Cadillac Lyriq SUV is hoping that its sales will hit the market mid-2021. Although the vehicle’s internals are 100% electric, the outward appearance is still an ICE SUV. This modification is to hold on to the old Cadillac fanatics while implementing clean transportation. This modified Cadillac is spacious enough for cargo, and GM says that they will be finalizing the unreduced third-row SUV to imitate the Escalade. This model is for the global market. Additionally, the XT4-size crossover and Cadillac Celestiq are available for customers who desire a smaller size and great brand.

Next in this line is the GMC Hummer. This model’s trademark has been changed from petroleum excess to electron-powered to counter the open opportunity for electric trucks in this line. The Hummer EV SUV is proud of its 1000 horsepower and an over 10000 lb.-ft torque. The large size of this model will be hosting a battery with 200 kWh of power. 

Next is the infamous Chevrolet brand. This brand has already introduced into the US market, the Bolt EV. This car will be getting an internal furnish and the current modification leading to a mileage range of 259. Additionally, Chevy is developing a variant of the Chevy Blazer. This model will have an artificial driving assistance system. Chevy is also planning to launch its electric truck that will rival the electric Ford F-150.

Finally, there is Buick, whose impact in the China market is laudable. This brand has two models of Evs that they will be launching soon. The first model will be the electric Buick SUV, which is more convenient in terms of size for some users. The other model is an electric crossover, which is a sporty car and flair. Additionally, GM revealed a Cruise Origin, which is still under development but will be gracing the market soon.