Audi e-Tron becomes the top-selling electric vehicle, its V2G EV charging making it the best of all

You could have heard increased high-fives from Audi fans across the globe at the start of this month following an announcement that confirmed e-Tron SUV as the best-selling electric vehicle across the world.  Audi’s sales in Europe were more than those of the NIO ES6 in China. 

Last Friday, Audio and the Hager Group quaked the world by disclosing their development of a plug-in plus home automobile to-grid EV charging configuration. 

Audi Centers Electric Vehicle-to system charging, who are not knowledgeable with vehicle-to- system technology, also known as bidirectional charging, means that the current motors are just one component rolling out with energy storage compartment. There seem to be more alternatives, especially when you require electricity during a blackout. All you have to do is clog in your electric automobile, and thus marking the transition from diesel or gas emergency generators.  

Having the V2G type of charging system, neighbors of those owning EVs have a chance to take part in actions that will aid balance the local network, thus preventing blackouts and brow outs. As predicted by energy planners, that particular type of energy storage agglomeration will play a substantial function in a future smart system like wind and solar grids join the party. 

Relying on their daily routine, holders of EVs could use their EV batteries as a way of avoiding the extra costs that come with peak-use hours. Furthermore, that equips holders of electric motors with rooftop solar panels in the catbird seat, particularly if they have a stationary energy storage component in their houses. An Electric vehicle battery would be frosting on top of a solar-plus-storage cake ceiling having bidirectional charging with us.

Despite the hard purge caused by coronavirus pandemic, all Audi sales are doing very well. For instance, by the time we were in June, the firm managed to raise the e-Tron sales by 86.8% year-over-year. 

In Norway, the best overall selling vehicle is the e-Tron. Additionally, the e-Tron was accountable for a considerable fraction of Audi deals in several nations, which include; Iceland, having recorded 93% of Audi sales, Norway with 92% of Audi sales, Israel with 14% of Audi deals and lastly, Sweden with 12% of Audi sales. 

The e-Tron SUV consists of two battery alternatives, and on top of all, it has Audi e-Tron Sportback as its latest version.