ABB breaks ground on the $30 million facility for the Electric Vehicle chargers to be able to meet the Global demand

ABB has confirmed the commencement of establishing its new facility in San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy. The structure will serve as an international Center of Excellence and creation site for making electric vehicle chargers. 

As the firm confirmed, the 16,000 square meter facility is expected to start carrying out its work by the end of next year(2021). 

ABB is an international market leader in e-mobility remedies. The $30 million interest made by the company in its new facility depicts the endless dedication of ABB in steering innovation in the fast thriving division.

 A new facility that invests in an international e-mobility headquarters, fully sustainable and research and development center constructed on the TU Delft Campus Heertjeslaan, the Netherlands will be inaugurated this year. 

The recently erected factory will manufacture ABB’s whole portfolio of immediately established electric vehicle battery chargers from domestic structures. Those chargers will be set ready in public areas as well as urban public transport. 

ABB has promised its full support to the progress and innovation of the company in the e-mobility vicinity. 

In recent years, ABB has been enhancing the growth of the vicinity. Having the new art structure will help to considerably improve the advancement of the e-mobility as it heads towards a zero-emission future. 

The modern building will be characterized by the restoration of the ABB AbilityTM digital findings. 

The facility will enhance total perception and optimization during the generation of each distinctive commodity with the help of interconnected repository administration strategies. 

Automated appliance required by the printed circuit boards, monitoring, and all testing structures will be linked to the factory data system. 

All R&D workouts will happen in a dedicated 3,200 square meter ground for advancement and prototyping.  They will major in exercising inventive remedies, new software, and managing the life cycle of the product. In turn, R&D workouts will be incorporated with manufacturing workouts, both internally and externally. 

To reduce the impact of atmosphere on the structure, there will be the installation of solar panels on the roofs, optimized heating, and cooling system s well as using of EVs by the staff members, sales, logistic and service groups. 

Frank Muehlon, Chief of ABB’s e-mobility infrastructure solutions, assured ABB would manage to meet all the requirements and demands of sustainable global transport. 

Ever since ABB became part of the EV market ten years ago, it has sold over 14,000 DC fast chargers in over 80 nations.