GM is transferring its Corvette engineers to the electric and independent electric vehicle project

GM is shifting its technical team in the Chevrolet Corvette section of the firm to its electric vehicle program, detaching as an independent service to explore the EV technology. These engineers will venture into the possibilities of advancing the EV battery technology and the EV components. 

GM’s vice executive for global product development, sales, and supply link, Doug Parks, stated this statement in a memo to the engineering team that they will be changing departments to go and give their support to the electric vehicle program under the leadership of Ken Morris. This transfer becomes effective at the beginning of this month. 

Morris stated that GM’s commitment to transitioning to an all-electric company involves transferring these engineers into the department. The advantage of having these engineers in the EV team is to propagate the team’s skills that refined the Corvette into the electric vehicle systems and technology. GM hopes that the engineers can venture deep into the electric vehicles’ potential to develop their technology and models that their customers can fancy and easily buy because of the value they are offering. 

These engineers have what it takes to stir up the interest pf customers since they developed the current bestseller Chevrolet Corvette. Nevertheless, the Corvette will continue to advance since the senior chief engineer Tadge Juechter will remain in his position to spearhead new products in this line of cars. 

The Corvette chief engineer Ed Piatek will lead future services and programs and be submissive to Tadge. Piatek will become the EV future program facilitator making Josh Holder take over his position as chief engineer of Global Corvette. 

These strategic changes came after various communications and investments in EV technology. The carmaker invests its funds in electric trucks, sedans, and automatic vehicles that can auto-drive itself. The firm also intends to invest in spare parts and tools that will be useful in creating electric vehicles. 

GM plans to develop electric pickup trucks and develop them through next year. The next project that will follow is Cruise Origin, which auto-drives itself. GM submitted that they would be developing over 20 electric vehicle models in the coming three years using the Ultium technology. 

To conclude, GM is also developing a factory that will be developing battery cells and packs that will run the EVs for long mileage. The automaker said that they would be collaborating with the likes of LGChem to develop the battery technology.