The electric vehicle manufacturer Lucid rolls out a model that will challenge Tesla

The EV manufacturer Lucid is parading its Air sedan as a better performing vehicle than Tesla’s Model S. The chief executive of Lucid, Peter Rawlinson, who engineered the car’s development, stated that this car is a milestone that they have been working on for the longest time. He added that the electric model is the best in terms of both the battery and technical design. 

Rawlinson explained that the top-notch model of the Air sedan surpasses Tesla’s cars by close to 20% since it has a big mileage range and hosts few energy cells. Lucid appears to have adjusted the Air model they launched four years ago by increasing the side mirrors and curving the model’s internal screens. 

The car can cover a distance of 520 miles before the next recharge. Tests revealed that this mileage exceeds the 402 miles for Tesla’s frontier in the electric vehicle models, Model S. Rawlinson explained that this model has a higher horsepower than the Tesla models making the Air Sedan the rival for Tesla’s technology. 

Lucid reported that the Air sedan could charge a voltage to carry it through 300 miles in the third hour. The company has announced that the face value of the Air sedan will range from $80000 to $169000. The higher price is for the grand model, while the lower price is for this car’s standard sedan model. 

Lucid revealed its intention of making the model in three colors: gold, white, and black. The more expensive models will enter the electric vehicle market mid next year, while the cheaper models will grace the market in 2022.

Lucid’s senior executive for design, Derek Jenkins, explained that these cars’ price determining factor is the interior design. He submitted that the interior reveals a range of technologically advanced features like a touchscreen dashboard. 

Rawlinson revealed that the Air sedan is the introducing model for its line of electric vehicles under development. One of the other models still under construction is an SUV called Gravity. The executive explained that the different models would be developed to meet customers’ rising demands after evaluating the performance of the Air sedan. 

Lucid also revealed its ongoing plan of installing recharging facilities at homes and in business apartments. This sector is where Tesla beats Lucid since Tesla is developing its public charging stations. 

To sum up, it is good to witness growing competition for Tesla, especially from startups like Lucid. Lucid will inform a competitive approach towards battery development technology for the electric vehicles, thereby expanding the electric vehicle industry’s scope.