Sweden plunges deep into renewables as OX2 states to establish the third-largest wind company

Wind energy is an essential source of renewable energy since it contributes to environmental preservation by minimizing carbon emission that will otherwise contribute to global warming. Therefore, wind energy decreases greenhouse gas production and reduces water pollution encountered in fossil fuel production. Additionally, wind power is cost-effective, sustainable, and creates additional job opportunities in the energy sector. Furthermore, wind turbines establishment is on existing ranches contrary to fossil fuel, which requires oil sittings before commencing the work. Wind energy as a source of renewable power sources is beneficial and relevant to a country’s economy. 

OX2, a Swedish renewable company, is set to establish the third-largest wind power company that will produce approximately 132 MW. Based on an agreement signed by Lundin petroleum, which is currently striving to shift to a renewable source of power, OX2 will initiate its project sitings in Metsalamminkangas. The area is well known for its encouraging wind conditions hence an entire region to establish a wind firm. Additionally, the site comprises of 245.5 MW turbines that were constructed by GE Renewable Energy. Alex Schneiter, the managing director of Lundin, states that the merger will yield more renewable energy in the country, therefore, minimizing carbon emission.

Alex further notes that the project will facilitate the company’s shift from fossil fuel since the company operations relied on fossil fuel. Lundin is composed of other satellite branches in Norway that produce oil and other gas manufacture firms. Therefore, partnering with OX2 provides an alternative for the company to invest in renewables hence participate in national environmental protection. 

Additionally, OX2 has defined Finland as a growing market for wind energy and other renewable sources of power. Thus the company will establish its base and major in wind power in Finland. Resultantly, the OX2 has developed 1.2GW of wind power, and about 340MW is sited in Finland; hence the company has undertaken various procedures to fully utilize Finland’s potential.

According to Thomas Vogt, the CEO of Fontavis, OX2 has completed the construction of a new wind plant in Sweden. Fontavis has aided OX2 in establishing competence and innovation in contracts and deals. Consequently, Paul Stormoen, the Chief Executive of OX2, stated that the company is pleased by the different partnerships with different organizations, and indeed wind energy offers a lucrative investment in the market. He further noted that OX2 is proud to assist in the management of Fontavis wind farm and guarantee safe dealings and ultimately provide the most significant investment return.