Recovering Energy sector going Green

Come Tuesday the 21st, the Board of Supervisors from San Diego County announced their move to streamline alternative energy initiatives, particularly sites in nearby counties.

The outcome, as decided, came during a 3-2 voting. For this instance, the current Board required the Chief Administrative Officer Helen Robbins-Meyer to submit reports of structured environmental impact studies and future locations come on the 1st of October.  

There was an agreement that at a point in the future where the Board would meet to discuss financing.  

Head of the Board Greg Cox and Jim Desmond, who is the Administrator of the county’s climate-reduction program, pushed forward the motion. The suggestion received a go-ahead, which Cox said he was compliant with.

The committees’ vote outcome turned out 3-2 last October. Members agreed to implement a community-based energy program that gives citizens and industries more choices regarding the buying of electricity.

According to Cox, there is no policy obligation for CCEs to meet renewable energy targets. 

In a statement, he reiterated that nothing much is to change, rather than the billing customers 

Vice-chairman of the Board, Desmond aired his opinion stating that the shift would not favor community participation at first. However it is apparent in his statement that he opts to have a well executed project that goes through it. He further states that the committee tasked with creating its green energies. Dissident votes came from the Board’s Nathan Fletcher and Dianne Jacob.

Previously Jacob said her mandated East Area, which is prone to wildfires, has always had a significant proportion of power projects. Dianne continued to state that her East County is home to about 50 000 acres of land. The area in question includes the town of Boulevard, a project that houses the region’s massive wind farm.

Yet Dianne came up with other solutions, such as the installation of solar-paneled rooftops, and recommends that electricity programs will take account of certain county regions.

Desmond insisted that the council did not plan to distinguish Jacob’s district. He further reiterated that the aim is to put together a list of possible areas in need of improvement.

The Board is mandated to search for potential locations in the district. Cox wholeheartedly seconded the decision 

Numerous citizens reached out and expressed their approval for the plan before the Board via a phone conference call. To this effect, the Board comes to a unanimous decision to go ahead with the proposed plan