Duncan Davies is the New Director at Pinnacle Renewable Energy

Duncan Davies is the New Director at Pinnacle Renewable Energy

Mr. Duncan Davies is the new member of Pinnacle Renewable Energy’s Board of directors. The announcement is valid today. Davies’s leadership as the CEO and President of Interfor Corporation is exemplary. His role at this corporation is indicative of the transformation of the energy sector to renewables. Pinnacle’s determination to soar to higher heights is commendable. Renewable energy seems to be a wise replacement for the current conventional methods.

Duncan’s past leadership shows his enthusiasm for transformative leadership in the lumbering industry. Gregory Baylin, who is the Board’s chair, praises Duncan for his sensational leadership and widespread knowledge in the international lumbering products market. Baylin further acknowledges Duncan’s successful career and welcomes him to share his expertise with Pinnacle. There are high expectations that Duncan is going to shed some light at the corporation about the international market.

Mr. Davies’s achievements are remarkable and outstanding. It is important to acknowledge his efforts to raise softwood product standards. He reiterates on the key to his success as regular studies and consultation of experts worldwide. He further retorts that the lumber business is a lucrative venture if resources are available. He calls on researchers to establish new methods to replenish the decreasing forest vegetation. Apart from the company, he also has a heart for the environment. He hopes to motivate other business people to help in the fight to save the non-renewables.

Duncan has a vast knowledge of forest economics since he holds a masters’ degree in this subject. He shares his experience with lumber traders in Canada. His induction as a director at Pinnacle is a game-changer for the company.

Pinnacle is a fast-growing lumbering company producing wood pellets. The pellets are for renewable energy generation. Power is necessary for thermal generators giving out clean energy for multiple uses. The company’s ability to supply sustainable energy is because of its resources. It utilizes its resources in eight of its plants to create renewable energy. The company is hopeful that its partners are going to support them to realize its objectives of producing sufficient clean energy for Canada.

Finally, Duncan’s appointment at Pinnacle is hope for the company to remain atop of its current progress. It is vital if Davies replicates his success at Pinnacle. It is equally factorial that the success story motivates other economists to share their expertise to conserve the environment. Lumbering is a lucrative industry in the polar countries, and Duncan’s appointment is proof.