Future Fisherman 9-year-old Achieves Impressive Feat With Record-breaking Blue Catfish Catch

That certainly is a catch!

Maggy Sojourner, then nine years old, was fishing at Lake Granbury with her father in the month of January when she reeled in a blue catfish that weighed in at more than 26 pounds!

Here is a Tweet from Tx parks and Wildlife about the little girl who caught that fish.

When the catch was made earlier this year, Maggy’s dad, Jeffery Sojourner, who owns a fishing guide business in Granbuy, shared the details of it with his followers on social media. On the day that they went out, Maggy mentioned that she had a goal of catching the lake’s youth record fish.

Not only did she declare that she was going to catch the fish, but she also managed to secure the record for herself! According to the information provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife, Maggy currently holds the record for Junior Waterbody. In the end, she released her impressive catch back into the water.

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