Galveston Man Found Guilty Of Aggravated Robbery Of Whataburger Employee

A citizen of Galveston who committed an act of violent robbery against a worker at Whataburger has been given a prison sentence.
Michael James Broussard, age 39, was found guilty of attacking an off-duty employee who was leaving work in June of 2022 and received a sentence of 35 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

On June 11, 2022, after working a shift at Whataburger, police claim Gilbert Rivera was walking home in the early morning hours on Stewart Road in Galveston. The incident occurred on that day. Rivera was walking along 69th Street when he heard a man, who later turned out to be Broussard, say “stop” and press something to his back. Rivera has now identified Broussard as the culprit.

Attempted To Take Down Rivera’s Waller

Broussard attempted to remove Rivera’s Waller, but a chain secured it to Rivera’s waist. Broussard was unsuccessful. After the two men got into a fight, Broussard punched Rivera numerous times in the back of the head with the butt of his revolver. Rivera was hospitalized with head injuries.

Galveston Man Found Guilty Of Aggravated Robbery Of Whataburger Employee

According to the authorities, Rivera phoned the police, and Broussard rushed away from the scene. Broussard was located nearby by officers with the Galveston Police Department, and Rivera was able to identify him as the person who had attacked him positively.

Broussard was taken into custody by the police, and he was charged with aggravated robbery. Rivera testified on the first day of the trial for the case, which began on Monday.

DNA evidence was presented to the jury by the prosecutors Casey McKim and Shannon Donnelly, demonstrating that Broussard had Rivera’s blood on him. The evidence was presented to the jury. However, Broussard testified in his own defense and claimed that he and Rivera just got into a fistfight.

However, according to court documents, the doctor who treated Rivera’s injuries stated that a heavy, blunt instrument could have only caused Rivera’s head wound. Broussard’s testimony contradicted the testimony of the physician who treated Rivera’s injuries. You might check this Gordon Food Service Starts Building A New Store In The State Of Texas.

Justin Dougherty tweeted that an Employee of Edmond Whataburger was pistol-whipped in the robbery. Seriously injured. You can see below:

In addition to this, McKim maintained that all of the statements made by the victim were supported by additional evidence. On Wednesday afternoon, a verdict of guilty was rendered for Broussard. Prosecutors presented evidence on Thursday that demonstrated that Broussard had an extensive criminal background. Crimes committed included the production and distribution of restricted narcotics and the illegal possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

On the same day, Broussard was given a sentence of 35 years in the Department of Criminal Justice in the state of Texas. Before he may be considered for release, he must serve a minimum of fifteen years in prison.

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