George R.R. Martin Net Worth: What Is His Current Earnings Per Year?

George R.R. Martin net worth will be discussed in this article. But before that, we will talk about some of the highlights of his current life. George R.R. Martin is an American author and producer. By reading ahead you will get to know about George R.R. Martin net worth and much more.

George R.R. Martin Net Worth

An American author and television producer, George R.R. Martin Net worth is $120 million. A Song of Ice and Fire is a sci-fi/fantasy novel series that made George R.R. Martin famous.

Despite being well-liked, these books gained even more popularity when they were made into the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. He is regarded as “America’s Tolkien” and among the most important figures in history.

Earnings Of George R.R. Martin

Martin makes about $25 million a year between the television program and book sales. His $15 million HBO salary for each season of each series implies that he has made almost $200 million from only Game of Thrones, with the possibility to make much more from additional spin-offs.

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George R.R. Martin Early Years

On September 20, 1948, George Raymond Martin was born in New Jersey. His full name is George Raymond Richard Martin because he received the confirmation name Richard when he was 13 years old. Although they lost everything during the Great Depression, his family was previously incredibly rich. Growing up, Martin was not only a voracious reader but also a storyteller. He even charged other kids for his stories.

Martin read a ton of comic books while in high school and developed into a fervent admirer of Marvel. He continues to list Stan Lee as one of his most important literary influences today. George R.R. Martin earned an M.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 1971.

George R.R. Martin Early Years
George R.R. Martin Early Years

He was enlisted into the Vietnam War not long after receiving his diploma. Martin avoided serving in the military because he was a conscientious objector, instead performing alternative service.

Martin was barely surviving by the middle of the 1970s. The writer earned some money from his writing and chess competitions, but he wanted a more steady job. Martin began teaching writing and journalism at Clark University after meeting fellow student George Guthridge.

Martin would only stay in the classroom for roughly three years before quitting and attempting to make a living as a writer. It was an odd moment for Martin because he was working as an editor for the Wild Cards book series and had developed an obsession with role-playing games. R.R.

Geoge RR Martin returned to writing novels, where he could use his imagination freely, in the 1990s after growing weary of the restrictions placed on him in the television realm. He desired to build a fantastical setting that was similar to Tolkien’s.

He first lacked any precise ideas but eventually decided to base his tale on real-life occurrences like The War of the Roses and literature like Ivanhoe and The Accursed Kings. A Game of Thrones, the first book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, finally appeared in 1996.

Even while the series gained popularity over time, it wasn’t until the fourth book, A Feast for Crows, that it topped the New York Times Bestsellers list. With the publication of A Dance with Dragons in 2011, George R.R. Martin replicated the accomplishment.

By this time, A Song of Fire and Ice had spread over the world, solidifying Martin’s status as one of the most well-known and acclaimed writers of all time. Two more volumes in the series hadn’t been published as of 2020. In lieu of concentrating solely on A Song of Ice and Fire, George R.R. Martin has chosen to write other books in between sequels.

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George R.R. Martin Personal Life

Although Martin had dated Lisa Tuttle, another sci-fi author, he eventually wed Gale Burnick in 1975. In 1979, they will get divorced. Martin married Parris McBride in 2011 following a protracted romance. They now call Santa Fe home.

Final Lines: George R.R. Martin Net worth is $120 million. The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico is one cause in which George R.R. Martin is particularly active. He started a fundraising effort for this animal refuge, and it was a success since he raised more than $500,000.


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