Hundreds Of Texas Crime Survivors Protest For Safety And Justice At Capitol

On Thursday afternoon, hundreds of people who had been victims of crime or had survived the experience of victimization participated in a rally at the Texas State Capitol to urge for improved victim support and measures intended to interrupt the cycle of crime.

To Terra Tucker, the head of the Alliance for Safety and Justice in Texas, “Communities that have been most devastated by violence need support to recover and feel safe again.” The dome of the Capitol building served as the gathering place for the crowd, including parents who had lost children to violence and survivors of sexual assault, familial violence, and gun violence.

At the ceremony, A speech was given by Aswad Thomas, the national director of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice and the vice president of Alliance for Safety and Justice. To Thomas, who is himself a survivor of gun violence, we are here to “guarantee our voices are at the core of public safety initiatives.”

What The Group Is Calling For

The state’s first trauma rehabilitation facility must be funded, according to Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice’s request to lawmakers. The group claimed that it is a tried-and-true method for assisting victims to recover from a crime, and several of these clinics are currently in operation across the nation.

“That’s why hundreds of Texas crime survivors will rally at the Capitol today and urge elected officials to invest in solutions that prioritize recovery as well as redemption to improve our collective safety,” Tucker said.

Hundreds Of Texas Crime Survivors Protest For Safety And Justice At Capitol

The group is urging policymakers to address the fundamental causes of crime. It calls for the state’s probation system to be improved and supports record sealing for low-level offenders so they may find employment and avoid relapsing into a life of crime.

The group is also pushing for legislation to open up the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund and increase the amount of money available.

Crime Victims’ Compensation

The Office of the Attorney General manages the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund. Its goal is to raise money to support the recovery of crime victims’ lives. The funds can be used for various activities, including relocation assistance, medical bill repayment, and wage replacement. The fund’s administration division has a high turnover rate and open positions, making it challenging to distribute monies swiftly.

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Jill Henderson claimed firsthand knowledge of how challenging it may be to receive funding from the Compensation Fund. While on vacation in Greece in 2017, Henderson’s son, Bakari Henderson, age 22, died.

She stated that, in her opinion, the Compensation Fund division needs more funding to enhance its offerings. She complained that the application process was archaic and challenging to understand. Bakari claimed that she was required to maintain careful records and receipts, send everything in by mail, and then experience a lack of response.

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She claimed that you” wait months and months to get any form of recompense” Henderson stated that she supports measures such as SB 49 by Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, and HB 250 by Rep. Mary Gonzalez, D-Clint, that would enhance and broaden the Compensation Fund.

These measures would, among other things, enhance the amount of money available for relocation and bereavement leave and broaden the definition of a family member to facilitate access to certain benefits.

Who Will Be There

The demonstration started at noon in the rotunda of the Capitol. A vigil was held in honor of the deceased victims, and a news conference with survivors and legislative representatives immediately followed it.

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