In ‘Pigeon Drop’ Fraud, Woman Loses $25000

Using a “pigeon drop scam,” a man and a woman defrauded an Alvin woman out of $25,000.

Around 1 p.m. on April 25, the 71 victims were shopping at an H-E-B in Friendswood when a guy struck up a lengthy discussion with her. After their conversation, a lady contacted the victim and informed her of a purse she claimed to have found in the H-E-B parking lot.

After showing her a sizable sum of cash hidden inside the purse, the female suspect asked the victim what she should do. The victim advised that the suspect gave the bag to the grocery store’s customer service department. The suspect persuaded the victim to go to the AT&T shop instead by claiming to work there.

ABC 13 Houston tweeted that A man and woman allegedly convinced a 71-year-old woman to withdraw $25,000 to share in a purse full of money they said they “found” in a grocery store parking lot. You can see below:

The victim and the suspects went to the AT&T shop to talk with the female suspect’s “boss” about the money and pocketbook that had been found. The victim parked behind the AT&T shop and awaited the female suspect’s return.

When she returned, she said the handbag held a $75,000 bond and $97,000 in cash. The victim was convinced to take $25,000 from her bank in Alvin after the three people talked about a “finder’s keepers” rule.

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The suspects took the $25,000 to the opposite side of the AT&T shop where the victim had parked when they went back, but they never came back.

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