Man Charged In Texas After 81-Year-Old Killed In Dog Attack

A small pack of dogs attacked them and the people who came to help them in San Antonio on Friday afternoon, killing an older man and seriously hurting a woman. At a news conference on Friday, San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood said that two other people were bitten. One was bitten on the hand and the other on the leg. Both are likely to get better.

By Friday night, police in San Antonio had caught one person linked to the attack. The name of the person who was killed has not been made public. He was 81 years old, according to the police, and the woman who was seriously hurt was 74. In a statement, the city said that she was his friend.

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Hood said that when the first city fire rescue crews arrived, they saw a bloodied man dragged by dogs around a corner. He said that the first responders used pickaxes and pike poles to fight off the dogs.

“This is not something normal for us,” the chief said. “We don’t usually show up and have to defend patients from animals.”

Hood said that the man was taken to a hospital and died. He also said the woman was awake and in critical condition in the hospital. Police say the suspect, Christian Alexander Moreno, 31, is charged with having a dog that killed someone and hurting an older person, both of which are felonies.

Man Charged In Texas After 81-Year-Old Killed In Dog Attack

The city said in a statement that the three dogs that attacked or were off the property at the time would be put down. Someone said that the dogs were American Staffordshire Terriers. The dogs, two females, and a male, were quickly cared for by Animal Care Services. Shannon Sims, the director of Animal Care Services in San Antonio, said the dogs were quickly taken in.

Sims said that workers from Animal Care Services took all the dogs from a house where the three terriers were thought to live. He said that one of the three didn’t seem to have anything to do with the attack but was still caught.

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Sims said that in 2021, Animal Care Services took two dogs from the same house away after a “fight” in which there was some minor biting. The dogs were put in quarantine but were later set free because a case couldn’t go forward without an affidavit from a witness. In the last two years, he said, there have been reports of dogs from the same house acting aggressively when they were let loose.

The city said that at least two of the dogs thought to be behind Friday’s attack were involved in another “confirmed bite” case in January. Hood said what happened was “horrible,” and firefighters did their best to protect themselves and their neighbors from the dogs.

“The firefighters were very heroic in this instance,” he said.

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