Attack On Titan Theory: Is Eren The Final Villain?

Eren Jaeger’s “eye-brow raising” ways of ending Attack on Titan’s epic battle have been featured in season 4. After gaining the Founding Titan’s abilities, Eren unleashed “The Rumbling” of Colossal Titans from Paradis’ walls. Attack on Titan’s last season has made Eren the “big evil” while the Scout Regiment tries to stop Jaeger.

Attack on Titan has focused more on “greys” than “black and white” since even prior villains like Reiner, Annie, and Bertoldt, aka the Armored Titan, Female Titan, and Colossal Titan, were shown to be multi-faceted and doing what they thought was right.

‘Attack on Titan’ Ends With A Major Twist

Zeke and Eren relive Eren’s past experiences. Zeke does this to persuade Eren that their father has brainwashed him. But what they discover when they travel through time is very different.

It turns out that Eren has been in charge because of a time paradox that is possible only because of the Attack Titan. Although the anime indicates, they can also see the memories of future holders, fans already knew the person in possession of the Attack Titan could see the memories of the prior holders.

It makes it possible for Eren to communicate with his father through memories. Also, it appears that he was the one who persuaded Grisha to kill the Reiss family all those years ago.

Eren Jaeger Become The Villain In The ‘Attack On Titan’

Eren’s full motivations for controlling the Founder have not yet been made clear in the Attack on Titan anime, although those who have read Hajime Isayama’s manga know his plans. Although Eren assured Zeke that he supported the Eldian euthanization plan, Eren had another idea: turning on the Rumbling.

Is Eren The Final Villain

The Titans within the Walls are roused by the Rumbling and sent outside to exterminate all human life. Eren aims to keep his people free and secure by eradicating the outside world, which is impossible if Marley and its supporters are still loose. He kills many people before Marley and the crucial figures from Paradis Island band together to stop him.

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Even though Eren is thinking of his allies and friends, there is no way he can carry out this plan without becoming a morally repugnant person. Simply told, Eren does end up being Attack on Titan’s antagonist. His activities also result in a disastrous ending for him.

The manga Fate Of Eren Jaeger Is Described.

Attack on Titan’s great Eren twist ends tragically. Mikasa kills Eren in the last chapters. She stops the Rumbling by killing him. She accidentally breaks the Titans’ curse. She convinces Ymir to release the Power of the Titans by sacrificing her love for humanity.

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By becoming the villain, Eren achieves his goal. For now, his friends and home are Titan-free. That doesn’t excuse his past deeds. Eren becomes what he hates to bring freedom and peace to Paradis Island, but that won’t last. Eren was likely to perpetrate atrocities due to the Attack Titan’s power to predict the future.

He says Armin he probably would have continued with them regardless of the outcome. Eren’s parting remarks to Armin suggest he would choose the same path if given a chance. He was the villain by fate or choice.

Since it followed Hajime Isayama’s source material, the anime may explore the same subjects. Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu release Attack on Titan Season 4 episodes every Sunday.


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