What is the Reason Behind Joe Gatto Divorce From Bessy Gatto?

Joe Gatto and his wife, Bessy Gatto, just got a divorce. Joe is best known for his part on the hit TV show, Impractical Jokers. They had been married for eight years, so many fans were surprised when they broke up. The exact reason for their divorce hasn’t been made public, but people think it may have been because they didn’t get along, drifted apart, didn’t talk much, or had problems with their families.

In different posts on social media, Joe and Bessy said how much they loved and respected each other. They also said that they had decided to end their relationship.

Why did Joe Gatto Divorces His Wife?

The news that comedian Joe Gatto and his wife Bessy were divorcing as the clock struck midnight on December 31 left his fans inconsolable. Joe shocked his Instagram followers with a gloomy message on his professional and personal life on New Year’s Eve.

Joe wrote, “I just wanted to let you all know that I will no longer be involved with Impractical Jokers.” “With the help of my friends, I’ve spent the last decade of my life developing this brand, and I’m incredibly pleased with the results.”

When he continued, “However, I must withdraw at present because of problems in my private life. Our divorce from Bessy was amicable and I’m committed to doing my best as a father and co-parent to our two wonderful children.”

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Joe hit the Impractical Joker’s audience with two unexpected twists. Joe’s departure from the successful comedy troupe is widely attributed to his dealing with major personal troubles (presumably the breakup), but what led to Joe and Bessy’s separation?

Joe Gatto Divorce

Joe and Bessy Gatto, who had seemingly lived happily ever after for eight years, have decided to end their marriage. Although fans have yet to learn the specifics, incompatibility, drifting apart, a lack of communication or familial problems undoubtedly played a factor in the couple’s divorce.

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When did Bessy and Joe Gatto get married?

Joe Gatto’s shocking departure from the comedy series Impractical Jokers came after his divorce from Bessy Gatto. Since Impractical Jokers’ 2011 premiere, the duo has made multiple guest appearances for the show’s loyal fan base. Together with James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn, and Sal Vulcano, Joe established the comic group the Tenderloins, and he frequently utilized social media to boast about his connection with Bessy.

The couple wed in 2013, three years after Bessy moved from California to New York with Joe. Milana Francis was born in 2015, and Remington James followed in 2017. The comedian raved over his loved ones in a November 2019 holiday-themed tribute.

“On a day that’s always been about family in my life, I am thankful. These 3 humans make me the happiest guy in the world. From the quirky daughter to snuggly son to the most loving and lovable partner in the universe,” he wrote in a lengthy Instagram post. “I hope all of you out there enjoy your day with your family. And if it’s not a happy situation for you this year I hope you stay strong and get through this one and start your journey to a better one next year.”

The former Misery Index contributor spoke of his wife’s compassion for animals just weeks before they announced their separation.

“This is what rescue looks like at the Gatto house. Each day all the seniors get some serious quality time with the Momma of the pack,” he captioned a photo of Bessy surrounded by their pets via Instagram in December 2021. “Such a big, beautiful heart on this wife of mine.”

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