Kerrville Police Department Has New Cutting-edge Body Cameras

Modern body camera technology is being provided to cops by a police agency in the Hill Country. When an officer flees, activates their lights, or engages in combat, the cameras will immediately begin recording.

KENS 5 set out to discover their workings.

Officers Can Shoot Pictures With This Body Cam

Officer Michael Reyes of the Kerrville Police Department said, “This is a one-stop shop. “The body camera was just a body camera back then. I can now shoot pictures using this. Driver’s licenses can also be scanned and attached to a case.”

The brand-new EOS by Utility body cameras used by the Kerrville Police Department are concealed inside the wearer’s vest and resemble a cell phone.

In the past, Kerrville police officers ran the risk of losing important footage if their body cameras broke. That won’t happen with this new layout.

According to Kerrville PD Sergeant Jonathan Lamb, who oversees community services and public information, “it’s placed on a plate and embedded into the uniform.” “That issue is completely avoided because there is nothing to loosen or come free during a foot pursuit or a struggle where the camera could fall off.”

The cameras can be manually activated by officers, however, they are not usually required to. These can be triggered by a number of events, such as when a cop switches on their lights or when they begin to run.

“That camera will activate if there is a struggle or a brawl involving the officer.

All members of the formation are immediately informed if a cop is down [for 15 seconds] “Lamb described how the police officer’s GPS position will also be broadcast.

A digital ring can be made around a crime scene using another feature. The body camera on an officer’s uniform will start recording the moment they enter the scene.

He continued, “It allows the officer to focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about whether or not my camera is on and documenting this discussion.

A Pistol Censor Is Also On The Way

Soon, every officer’s pistol holster will contain censors. Their squad will be alerted when they pull their weapon, and the camera will turn on.

When the camera is turned on, Lamb explained, “it will go back and take pictures two minutes before whatever turned the camera on.”

When preparing police reports at the jail, the officers note that the sound and video quality are higher, and they can access the tape more easily. They can review the body camera footage to add more specific details thanks to the video-on-demand.

The Rocket by Utility in-car video systems that the Kerrville Police also replaced are compatible with the body cameras. A police officer’s body camera will start recording when they unlock the car’s rifle rack or sound the siren.

Lamb stated, “We do public business; therefore, anything we do is public business. “I believe that everyone benefits from the technology we’re using to safeguard the cops and the community.”

Garland Crabtree, a member of Kerrville’s Citizens on Patrol who relocated to the Hill Country from the Houston region four years ago, says he finds solace in the fact that his local police department employs the same technology as that used in other cities.

When police officers are called to a problem, one would assume they will arrive with the best tools at their disposal, according to Crabtree. They also received the necessary training.

The police chief allegedly showed off the new cameras at a monthly gathering of the Kerrville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, according to Crabtree.

They’re examining a police dog, Crabtree said. “One hasn’t occurred in Kerrville in a long time. A body camera is just one more component of staying up to date.”

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