Larry King Cause Of Death: Has He Died From COVID?

Larry King Cause Of Death is one of the trending topics on the internet nowadays. Just one month after Larry King passed away at the age of 87, the official cause of death has been determined.

During his fight against COVID-19, which began in December, King checked himself into the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Later, on January 23, he passed away, however, the information on his death certificate indicates that COVID-19 did not play a role in his passing. So, if not covid then what was Larry King Cause Of Death?

Larry King Cause Of Death

Sepsis was reportedly the direct cause of death for the iconic broadcaster, according to People. According to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted, sepsis develops when “an infection you already have sparked a chain reaction throughout your body” and “is the body’s severe response to an infection.”

According to reports, King’s death certificate revealed that he suffered from two underlying diseases at the time of his passing, one of which was hypoxic respiratory failure. This condition indicates that King’s blood did not contain enough amount of oxygen.

A tweet in the tribute of Larry King by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Also, King was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, which is more often referred to as kidney failure.

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Larry King’s Family Denied Rumors That He Died From COVID-19

The actor Shawn Southwick. The idea that King passed away from COVID-19 was initially met with resistance by King’s estranged wife, King.

During the month of January, she stated on Entertainment Tonight that “it was an infection, it was sepsis.”

“I can assure you that he was prepared to leave the house at last. You should know that he never wanted to leave, but his lovely little body was just, it had just been hit so many times with so many different things, and as soon as we heard the term COVID, all of our hearts just sank, and he never got the chance to say goodbye “said Shawn.

Larry King's Family Denied Rumors That He Died From COVID-19
Larry King’s Family Denied Rumors That He Died From COVID-19

She proceeded by saying that “he beat it, but it did take its toll and then the unrelated illness finally is what claimed him, but wow, he was not going to go down easily.” (He defeated it, but it did take its toll.)

Throughout his career, King has been diagnosed with a number of serious illnesses, including lung cancer, prostate cancer, and heart attack, all of which have negatively impacted his quality of life.

In 1997, King and Shawn were the eighth couples to whom he would give his heart in marriage. In 2010, King submitted paperwork for a divorce, but she later withdrew the petition. After 22 years of marriage, he divorced Shawn for the second time in 2019, citing irreconcilable differences.

He is the father of five children, two of them, Andy King and Chaia King, unfortunately, passed away within a span of three weeks of each other in the year 2020.

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Final Lines: Larry King Cause Of Death was sepsis. Hope you got your answer from our article. If you want more such information, you can bookmark our website


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