Texas Appeals Court Breathes New Life InTo Women Assault Lawsuit Against Jerry Jones

On Monday, a Texas appeals court said a personal injury lawsuit against Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should go forward, even though it had been thrown out before. The case was first filed in a district court in Dallas County but was thrown out last February. It will now be brought back up and will probably go to trial.

The lawsuit is about what is said to have happened at AT&T Stadium on September 16, 2018. The decision from the appeals court says that the woman says Jones kissed her on the mouth and grabbed her without her permission.

At first, the lawsuit was against Jones and the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. It said that team officials “knew or should have known about Jones’s misconduct.” She later added the National Football League as a defendant, but it is not on the most recent complaint.

An attorney for Jones and the team didn’t answer a voicemail right away on Tuesday morning. Jones said that the accusations were false and hurtful in a response filed with the court. The woman filed the suit under “Jane Doe,” but she had to change her name and use the initials “J.G.” instead.

Lawsuit Against Jerry Jones

J.G. says in the lawsuit that the incident caused her “severe emotional distress,” “psychological pain and suffering,” and medical bills. The lawyers for the defendants said that the lawsuit wasn’t valid without more information, like the woman giving “fully identifying information” and a more specific location.

Before the dismissal hearing, the woman’s lawyer sent the lawyers for the defendants an email with her name and changed the suit to say that the incident happened in the Tom Landry Room.

Who Is The Woman Suing Jerry Jones, Owner Of The Dallas Cowboys?

A few days later, the judge threw out the case because she didn’t follow a special exemptions order.

The woman “made a good faith effort to amend her pleadings in response to the court’s special exceptions order,” according to the decision of the appeals court to reverse the dismissal. So, “…the trial court overstepped its bounds when it threw out appellant’s claims.”

You can find a tweet about Jerry Jones’s verdict

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The case will now go back to the district court in Dallas County. Thomas Daniel Bowers, who is J.G.’s lawyer, said he is happy with the recent court decision.

“We always knew we were going to win because the law was on our side,” he told The Dallas Morning News on Tuesday.

He said that some things need to happen next, like Jones being questioned in court, but a trial is probably unavoidable.

“A victim’s finally going to get her day in court, and that’s very important,” Bowers said.

Jones is also in the middle of a court case. In December, a judge told him to take a paternity test to determine if he is the biological father of a 26-year-old woman who sued him last year. Not long after that, his lawyers put in a notice of appeal.

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