Texas Man Arrested for Arson After Setting Girlfriend Apartment on Fire

According to recently found court documents, a Texas man set his ex-apartment girlfriend’s building on fire in September while she and her child were sleeping. Dallas acquired the suspect set Mesquite, Texas, on fire of injuring his estranged ex-girlfriend and her daughter.

Suspect Christopher Dunn allegedly threatened to “burn the apartment up” in a text message to his girlfriend on September 30. After accusing him of abusing her 1-year-old kid, she distanced herself from him.

He is accused of responding, “I told you I was coming back for you,” in response to the woman calling out to him and letting him know she knew he was there. With the assistance of onlookers, the mom and her daughter jumped out of a window to escape the fire.

“There were some bystanders that I believe the young lady threw her 1-year-old child down to,” Mesquite Police Sgt. Curtis Phillip said. “And then she had to subsequently jump out of the window as well.”

Texas Man Arrested for Arson After Setting Girlfriend Apartment on Fire

The fire forced 30 individuals to evacuate after destroying 12 flats. Eddie Johnson, a 69-year-old man, perished in the blaze.

“He failed to escape. They claim he was unsuccessful. Everyone save him was let out, “Velma Siler, Johnson’s ex-wife. “He was a very kind man. “I got along well with everyone… He gave away his entire shirt.”

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Dunn was detained in October after being seen on security footage moving around the complex with a cigarette and gas can in his hand. He is being accused of murder, arson, and assault.

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