Marathon To Be Sued After Texas Refinery Fire

The family of a worker who perished in a refinery fire in Texas City, Texas, and the attorneys for another worker who was sent to the hospital announced on Wednesday that they have filed or would shortly file injury claims against leading American oil refiner Marathon Petroleum (MPC.N).

Marathon Petroleum (MPC.N) Lawsuit

Since January, numerous incidents have occurred at petrochemical and refinery facilities in the United States. The employee killed in the fire was the second refinery fatality this year.

At Marathon’s massive Galveston Bay Refinery, a fire on Monday morning claimed the life of 55-year-old machinist Scott Higgins and injured two contract workers, including Eduardo Olivo.

Marathon To Be Sued After Texas Refinery Fire

Olivo and the third worker, whose identity was not released, worked for the refiner support company Mistras Group Inc (MG.N). At a news conference this week, Olivo’s attorney, Muhammad Aziz, claimed that the victim had second-and third-degree burns. Marathon’s representative Jamal Kheiry indicated an ongoing inquiry but would not go into greater detail.

Along with a Marathon internal inquiry, state and federal environmental regulators and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration started an investigation this week.

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The three people serviced the Ultraformer-3 at the factory, which transforms naphtha produced during oil refining into reformate, an octane booster for gasoline, as part of preventative maintenance.

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At the second-largest refinery in the United States, the 593,000 barrel per day Galveston Bay Refinery, the unit is the biggest of two Ultraformers. According to those who know the situation, the modifications were made to keep the unit operational up to a planned overhaul in January of next year.

“We will be suing Marathon and the other entities” for gross negligence over Higgins death, Houston attorney Tony Buzbee said on Wednesday. “Marathon put its profits over worker safety,” he added.

Burn victim Olivo “intends to bring negligence, premises liability, and gross negligence” claims for his injuries, according to a court filing by the law firm Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner. Higgins was the second employee to pass away at the Marathon refinery this year. On February 28, a contractor was electrocuted.

On March 23, 2005, an explosion brought on by an overflowing refinery unit left 180 persons injured and 15 contract employees dead when BP Plc still owned the refinery.

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