Matt Riddle Divorce: What Happened Between Him And His Wife Lisa?

Matt Riddle Divorce: What led to Matt Riddle Divorce? Riddle, a WWE Superstar, and his wife Lisa have separated, according to the latter’s most recent Instagram post. Three kids total have been born to the couple after their 2011 wedding. They have now officially divorced after eleven years of marriage. The King of Bros is based in France and is currently on a WWE European tour. So what led to Matt Riddle Divorce? We will find out Matt Riddle Divorce his wife.

Matt Riddle Divorce

Lisa Riddle made the announcement earlier on Instagram that it has been one month since the divorce settlement between her and the RAW Tag Team Champion was finalized. In addition, she included a warm note in which she expressed her gratitude to everyone who has been by her side throughout this hardship.

“Riddle has kind of revitalized my career, so to speak, as far as how I feel in that ring. He’s unlocked the amount of fun that I can have in that ring. I think that before him, no matter how you considered me as a performer, there was something missing that is there now that wasn’t there before. And what exactly is it I don’t know, but I know that it’s a direct result of partnering with him,” Orton said.

The King of Bros has advanced quite a bit since joining the main roster of WWE. Midway through the year 2020, he made his way to WWE SmackDown, and ever since then, he has been a member of the main roster. He is a former United States Champion and has won the RAW Tag Team Titles twice as a member of RK-Bro. In addition, he has won the RAW Tag Team Titles twice. Matt Riddle Divorce has been justified by both of them.

What Happened Between Matt Riddle And His Wife Lisa?

In the year 2020, when Matt Riddle acknowledged having an affair while disputing the sexual assault charges made by Candy Cartwright, Lisa Riddle, Matt’s wife, was highlighted in the headlines of several news outlets. In October of 2021, Matt tweeted a selfie of himself and Randy Orton together taken during a WWE live event. The caption said as follows:

“I couldn’t be happier with my life right now, bro!!! I’m now in California hanging out with my best friend Randy and let me tell you, there aren’t many people that can top this person.

What Happened Between Matt Riddle And His Wife Lisa
What Happened Between Matt Riddle And His Wife Lisa

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After providing a response to Matt’s tweet, Lisa, Matt’s wife, later removed her comment. This is what she had written…

“Since you’ve packed up your belongings and relocated to Orlando, away from your children, you would say that, wouldn’t you?”

Seth Rollins Taunted Matt Riddle In WWE About His Divorce

Matt Riddle Divorce taunted by Seth Rollins. During an interview discussion between the two men, who will combat each other at Saturday’s Clash at the Castle event in Cardiff, Wales, this very severe family disagreement was brought up during Riddle’s on-screen wrestling feud with Rollins.

The two men will compete against each other on Saturday. Rollins began by making fun of Rollins’ real-life marriage to fellow WWE Superstar Becky Lynch, whose ring name is “The Man.” Rollins’ remark was followed by an insult directed at Rollins himself. Riddle confronted Seth, saying, “Well, Seth, I’m going to show you that there’s only one man in your marriage, and that’s Becky, buddy.”

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Rollins did not take kindly to this reference, and he responded with a vicious response, which was revealed after the Raw commercial break had concluded. A former member of The Shield has been quoted as saying: “You want to talk about our family? Then let’s talk about yours. Oh, I see, you don’t have one since your wife got a divorce from you and took your children, and they don’t want to see your whore anymore, is that right?”

Final Lines

Matt Riddle Divorce is searching at top currently. As a member of RK-Bro, which also includes Randy Orton, he is currently enjoying what is quite likely the finest run of his career. The two individuals have been working together for close to a year and have quickly become a favorite among WWE fans. Recently, Orton heaped significant praise on his tag team partner, Riddle, claiming that Riddle had given his career a new lease on life.

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