Military Aircraft Sent To South Texas After Feds Detect UFO

The military blog The War Zone, on Saturday, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) officials detected a flying object that they could not identify when it was traveling over the skies of South Texas.

After the item was detected by radar, NORAD sent several aircraft, including a KC-135 tanker and an E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control aircraft, to intercept it and investigate it further. At that time, the object traveled westerly toward the Gulf of Mexico.

The NORAD Authorities Claimed

NORAD authorities claimed the item was “likely a hobbyist pico balloon.” They did not represent any immediate threat to the people of Texas or the United States.

Pico balloons are miniature balloons that are constructed out of mylar. They are popular among enthusiasts because they are affordable but can reach heights of more than 32,000 feet.

Military Aircraft Sent To South Texas After Feds Detect UFO

“NORAD will continue to track and monitor the object, and in close conjunction with the United States Federal Aviation Administration,” to ensure that flight safety will not be compromised.

The United States Air Force shot down a Chinese spy balloon that had been spotted flying over US territory in February, elevating tension between the two nations.

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A second balloon was brought down by military aircraft off the coast of Alaska’s west side a few days later. Several people have hypothesized that a hobbyist organization in Illinois operated the balloon.

North American Aerospace Defense Command tweeted that NORAD conducts routine operations to investigate unknown radar tracks over south central Texas. You can see below:

Following the events in February, Vice President Joe Biden addressed the public, urging government officials to develop “sharper guidelines” for addressing the issue of UFOs spotted in American skies.

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