Missing 6-Year-Old Boarded A Flight Out Of Texas Before An Amber Alert Was Issued

Just two days before an Amber Alert was issued, the family of a 6-year-old boy who has been missing since November departed the country on a Turkish Airlines flight without him, Everman police said at a press conference on Sunday.

Just after midnight on Saturday, police issued an Amber Alert; at around nine that evening, they updated it with an Endangered Missing People notice.

CPS Detectives Discovered The Noel’s  Siblings

Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez, who suffers from severe disabilities and has a chronic lung condition that necessitates medical attention and sporadic oxygen therapy, is still unaccounted for.

When Texas Child Protective Services learned through an anonymous tip that Noel hadn’t been seen since November 2022, an investigation into his whereabouts was launched on March 20. Other family members hadn’t seen Noel or his siblings, according to their research, which was conducted by Everman police and Child Protective Services.

Missing 6-Year-Old Boarded A Flight Out Of Texas Before An Amber Alert Was Issued

Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, Noel’s mother, said the 6-year-old was in Mexico with his father, who was contacted by Everman police. However, when CPS investigators spoke to Noel’s biological father, he revealed that he had never had the chance to meet Noel because he had been deported before the boy’s birth. The Department of Homeland Security supported the statement.

When Noel’s mother contacted their Everman ISD school to inquire about enrollment on March 23, police and CPS detectives discovered that Noel’s four siblings, who ranged in age from 7 to 11, had been missing, according to police. Police said Noel was not enrolled at school. All seven of his children, including the 5-month-old twins who make up Noel’s half-siblings, were in his mother’s care.

A search for Noel’s whereabouts began when Rodriguez-Singh could not be located by police or CPS and appeared to be eluding them. Police stated on Sunday that while they could not provide specifics regarding CPS investigations, they could confirm that Rodriguez-Singh had previously been the subject of inquiries and proceedings. She also had a lengthy criminal record that included offenses related to drinking.

Vanesa tweeted that The Texas Department of Public Safety has issued an Amber Alert for a 6-year-old boy who was allegedly abducted. You can see below:

Just after midnight on Saturday, Noel received an Amber Alert. But, when authorities discovered that Rodriguez-Singh had taken a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, on March 23 with her husband and all of her children but Noel, the alert was altered to Endangered Missing Person.

Police reported that they located the mother’s 2012 Chevy Silverado pickup at DFW Airport. Craig Spencer, the chief of the Everman Police Department, stated on Sunday that there is “no tangible evidence” supporting Noel’s status as a missing person.

“What I do know is that a 6-year-old, severely disabled boy cannot be accounted for and is missing, the mother has not been willing to cooperate with investigators to help us simply assure the child is safe and we desperately need the public’s help,” he said.

Around 3:30 on Monday afternoon, police are predicted to provide another update. Police were seen on Monday afternoon searching the backyard of the family’s smaller home on Wisteria Drive, which is located behind another house. Outside, there were toy cars and bicycles for kids.

Police towed a car that was parked in the driveway. According to Spencer, who was at the residence with other officers, police also had a cadaver dog there on Monday afternoon. Still, it did not alert to any indication of a body during the search.

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After the press conference, Spencer stated that the detectives still hoped for Noel’s survival. Since there is no proof that he has been hurt, they hope he is with friends or a family member they have not yet located who is unaware that he is missing and in danger.

To determine whether Rodriguez-Singh and the rest of the family stopped in Turkey or continued to India, where Rodriguez-husband Singh is from, police, CPS, and the Department of Homeland Security are collaborating.

Spencer stated that they are unaware of any official ties to the Turkish government that might help locate or detain Rodriguez-Singh so that he can be questioned. The mother is accused of making a false police report, and an arrest warrant has been issued for her.

According to Spencer, Noel’s stepfather has no connection to the Amber Alert, and there is no evidence to suggest that any other kids are in danger. The last time Noel received medical care for his disabilities, investigators tried to find out from his medical records.

Spencer emphasized that Noel could pass away if he did not receive regular medical care for his chronic lung disease. For this reason, he advised anyone who had even a passing conversation with a member of the Rodriguez-Singh family to contact Everman police, regardless of when it occurred.

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