Mom And Sister Discover Lost Guy On Texas Beach 18 Months Later: “My Heart Is Filled”

After going missing from his home about 18 months ago, an Arkansas man has been discovered alive in Texas. The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office reports that Harley McCourt, 27, was located “unharmed” on March 11 in Galveston and has since been reunited with his family (PCSO).

To a prior missing person report from the sheriff’s office, McCourt was last seen at his residence on October 2, 2021, around 1 a.m. He had not used his phone or left the house two months before his disappearance.

Authorities in Texas alerted Harley’s family earlier this month that an officer had recently stopped their loved one for walking against traffic.

Mom And Sister Discover Lost Guy On Texas Beach


Brittany Crumpton and Harley’s sister Kim McCourt traveled more than seven hours to look for Harley in the region, where he was found shortly after. After some time, they came upon Harley while he was “walking down the beach” holding an umbrella, according to Kim. In addition, he was donning a COVID-19 mask and spectacles.

“Yesterday I got to put my arms around my son,” Kim wrote in a heartfelt message on the “Help bring Harley McCourt home” Facebook page. “Harley is back with his family and my heart is full again.”

It is still unknown why Harley vanished about a year and a half ago. According to the PCSO, Harley had been “severely despondent and distant for nearly three months” before his disappearance. Harley was also “extremely worried about COVID-19” and refused to let anyone near him.

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Harley left his wallet and smartphone at home when he went missing. He hadn’t used his phone in roughly two months, according to reports. A $10,000 reward has been offered to anyone with information about Harley’s disappearance.

According to WXIN, officials in Texas could reach Harley’s family after discovering their contact information on an old rucksack the missing man was carrying.

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Kim presented her son with new clothes and a special birthday supper after discovering Harley in Galveston, having missed his 26th and 27th birthdays while he was away, according to the site. Harley was sent to an Arkansas hospital immediately after arriving home and is doing well.

“A lot of his personality qualities and whatnot are already coming out,” Crumpton told WXIN. “He’s begun to come back to being joyful.”

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