Nikki Cox Net Worth: How Much Money Does the Actress Make?

Actress Nikki Cox is an American. She might have been well-known due to her work on TV series including “Nikki,” “Unhappily Ever After,” “Las Vegas,” “The Norm Show,” and others. She has received a great deal of attention due to her exceptional acting and television career.

She has a lengthy career spanning several decades and is well-known for her roles in classic television programs. This article explores Nikki Cox’s net worth by looking at her earnings history, career path, and long-term financial management.

How Much is Nikki Cox Net Worth?

Nikki Cox’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $4 million. This estimate takes into consideration her earnings from acting engagements, residuals from prior projects, and money from other commercial ventures.

It’s important to keep in mind that these figures could fluctuate and depend on a variety of factors, including personal financial decisions and changes in the market.

How Did Nikki Cox Became Famous?

Nikki Cox Net Worth
Nikki Cox Net Worth

Cox debuted on stage at the age of four in several ballet shows and TV specials. She made her acting debut in several movies when she was ten years old. In TV shows including Blossom, Eerie, Indiana, Mama’s Family, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Baywatch, she made cameo appearances.

In addition, she starred in General Hospital from 1993 to 1995 and had a recurring role on the Saturday morning series California Dreams. Her first major television appearance was in the sitcom Unhappily Ever After, which aired on The WB for five seasons from 1995 and 1999, as Tiffany Malloy.

Her TV career started out with guest spots on a range of programs. Her brother Matthew made a brief cameo in a few episodes, one of which featured him wearing a mask akin to “Ghostface” from the film Scream.

Cox as Taylor Clayton in the ABC television sitcom The Norm Show, a three-season series in which she featured in 27 of the 54 episodes, after the cancellation of Unhappily Ever After, in which she starred in all 100 episodes.

Clayton worked as a social worker after leaving the call-girl industry. She subsequently played Nikki White in another sitcom, Nikki, which ran for two seasons on The WB from 2000 to 2002. Following her time on Unhappily Ever After, Cox’s most well-known co-starring position was on the four-season NBC TV series Las Vegas, which aired from 2003 to 2007.

In 88 episodes, she played Mary Connell. Nevertheless, Cox would not appear in the fifth and final season of the program. On May 20 and 23, 2005, her Las Vegas identity made the switch to NBC’s soap opera Passions, just in time for the introduction of two new characters in Las Vegas.

In 2006, she began acting as the spokesperson for the online gaming portal In 2009, she voiced Jenna in Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust. That same year, she co-starred with Lindsay Price, Ernie Hudson, Jay Mohr, and Robert Patrick in the comedy Lonely Street.

Cox was the sole writer of Mohr’s album Happy, which earned him a nomination in 2016. And a lot for taking home the Best Comedy Album Grammy at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

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Nikki Cox Real Estate Investment

According to reports, Cox and her ex-husband Jay Mohr received $1.025 million for the sale of their Woodland Hills, California home in 2018. Their ongoing divorce probably had a role in their agreement to sell the house for $75,000 more than the asking price at the time.

Neither party was obliged to vacate the house because it had been rented out for over a decade prior to its sale. The couple was renting the house for about $3,500 a month prior to selling it.

Using a trust, Nikki initially purchased the house in 1997 for $390,000. This suggests that even if she and Mohr had divided the house equally upon their divorce, she would have still realized a six-figure profit from the initial purchase. See her Instagram post below:


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The 1,5000 square foot home features two bedrooms, butcher block countertops, and bamboo wood floors. Among the other pleasures are two fireplaces and brick patios. Both the front and back yards include large trees.

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