Over 230 People Have Been Arr*sted In Galveston County

This year’s Go Topless Weekend in Galveston County seems to have gone considerably more smoothly.

Sheriff’s office Said 155 people were detained overall on Friday, and over 200 people were charged, the majority of which related to disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, and minor violations.

234 people had been arr*sted on Sunday at 2 p.m., and 283 charges had been brought. 13 of the 234 were accused of crimes, and 221 of the 234 were charged with misdemeanors.

Over 230 People Have Been Arr*sted In Galveston County

But the Sheriff’s Office is still looking into at least two of those occurrences in detail. One of them was a significant collision in which a woman was thrown from her car and received a critical head injury.

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On Sunday, a few additional instances were recorded, including one auto-ped incident with serious injuries reported at 3:30 in the morning, two persons shot overnight with non-life-threatening wounds, and one person shot with potentially critical wounds.

Here is a tweet about the More than 230 arr*sts made, 50 taken to hospital as Jeep Weekend continues in Galveston County. You can see below:

Another incident had a gunman approaching a beachgoer and demanding their money while flashing a firearm on the beach. Nevertheless, the Sheriff’s Office cites the yearly celebration as a “successful event” overall since extra security was there to prevent any possible unruliness.

“We’ve had about the same number of arr*sts that we had last year,” Major Ray Nolan with Galveston Co. Sheriff’s Office Criminal Law Enforcement Bureau said. “And we feel like we’re we got a pretty good handle on the overall safety of it. And we’re just trying to get through today and tomorrow and get everybody home safe.”

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