Seabrook Train Derails At Port Road And Highway 146

A train was able to derail itself. On Tuesday, in Seabrook, just a day after a different train derailed in Dacus, Texas, an accident took place. The most recent derailment of a train occurred before 11 in the morning.

At least two vehicles could be seen on their sides in the video captured by Air 11, and one of them appeared to be about to leave the track. In an effort to right the carriages and get the train running again, a number of construction trucks were seen removing soil and positioning lumber alongside the rails.

Seabrook Train Derails At Port Road And Highway 146

Precinct 3 reports that there were no spills and that there was no risk to the general public. At the Port Road exit of Highway 146, the northbound feeder road was closed. It did not appear that there was a big impact on traffic.

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This comes in the wake of a disaster that occurred on Monday when emergency workers were rushed to the scene of a 31-car railway derailment in the northwest part of Montgomery County.

Here is a tweet about the Train derailment in the 11,600 block of Port Road near Highway 146 in the Seabrook area. You can see below:

Limestone was crammed into each of those train’s carriages to capacity. The officials stated that there were no reports of dangerous materials and that there was no threat to the neighborhood.

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