Will Ken Paxton Legal Gambit Succeed? Dismissing Major Impeachment Articles!

Ken Paxton is making a daring legal move in the hopes of dismissing important impeachment articles that have been brought against him. The outcome is still unknown despite the growing number of controversies around him. There is still a great deal of debate and discussion on the outcome of his bet regarding whether or not it would be successful.

Texas Ag Ken Paxton Wants Most Impeachment Articles Thrown

Lawyers Representing Suspended Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, has sought the dismissal of most of the articles of impeachment lodged against him on the grounds that he cannot be tried for alleged activities that occurred before his current tenure.

On Monday( 31 july 2023), Paxton’s legal team filed a motion with the state Senate’s impeachment court to have 19 of the 20 articles of impeachment thrown out on the basis of the “prior-term doctrine.” Their argument was that the rule would make it impossible to impeach a public servant for actions allegedly committed before their most recent election.

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After allegations of misbehavior, including using his office to favor the interests of a big donor, the Texas House of Representatives impeached Paxton in May. He has refuted the charges against him. If Paxton is found not guilty by the Texas Senate, he will be reinstated to his position as attorney general.

On Monday, Paxton’s legal team submitted a second motion asking the state senate to exclude evidence of “any alleged conduct” that occurred before January 2023, when Paxton began his third term in office.

Texas Ag Ken Paxton Wants Most Impeachment Articles Thrown

The motion to exclude evidence stated, adding that the articles:

“The allegations making up the Articles contain unsupported, vague, and irrelevant assertions of non-impeachable conduct, are not based on any alleged conduct that occurred after the election of November 2022, or after [Paxton] began his third term in January 2023.”

Paxton’s attorneys said at the outset of the motion that the state House and its counsel “promised the public that the evidence against the Attorney General is ‘clear, compelling and decisive’ and ‘ten times worse than what has been public.’”

But, they argued, “now that the House Managers have been forced by this Court to turn over their evidence through document production, it is clear that the evidence the House Managers have gathered is 100 times less compelling than what has been proclaimed.”

While Paxton awaits his impeachment trial on September 5, Republican Governor of Texas Greg Abbott has selected former Texas Secretary of State John Scott as a temporary successor.

The Senate impeachment trial will be presided over by the lieutenant governor, who will act as judge, and the senators, who will sit as jurors. A conviction would require the support of two-thirds of the judges present. Paxton’s lawyers stated earlier this month that their client would not be testifying in court.

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As Texas’ top prosecutor, Paxton has filed more than two dozen complaints against the Biden administration. Paxton is a conservative firebrand who has firmly associated himself with former President Donald Trump.

According to prior CNN reports, Paxton is also the subject of an FBI investigation for abuse of power, and a corruption probe has been handed over to prosecutors in Washington, DC. In addition, he is charged with securities fraud in a different proceeding. Paxton has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

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