Texas Bayou Found Remains Of Missing 2-Year-Old Girl

Remains of missing 2-year-old Nadia Lee were identified by the Harris County, Texas, medical examiner’s office as those found in a Pasadena bayou last week.

The medical examiner’s office needed to complete a full investigation before confirming Houston Police’s claim that Nadia’s remains had been found in Vince Bayou.

Nadia’s father, Jyron Charles Lee, 26, was accused of killing both Nadia, who was last seen on October 16 on South Richey Street in Pasadena, Texas, and his common-law wife, 22-year-old Nancy Reed.

Texas Bayou Found Remains Of Missing 2-Year-Old Girl

On October 13, Reed was discovered unconscious in a hotel room. A 911 call was made concerning the couple’s custody disagreement earlier that evening. Police reported that neither parent at the time indicated they had any missing kids.

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Lee and the woman also had two more kids, one of them Lee’s, who was 1 and 3 years old. Police declared that the conflict had been resolved, and they left.

But, when police were called back to the site at around 10:30 p.m., Lee told them he had gotten into a fight with Reed and had choked her to stop her from hurting the kids. After being transported to the HCA Hospital in Clear Lake, Reed was declared deceased.

After being captured at the scene, Lee was later charged with his wife’s murder. According to authorities, the two kids at the location were unharmed.

Pooja Lodhia tweeted that A medical examiner confirmed on Sunday that a body found at a bayou in Pasadena is positively identified as Nadia Lee, a 2yearold girl who went missing in October. You can see below:

Nadia, a second child, was later discovered absent from the scene. The Missing People Section was tasked with handling the issue after all efforts to find Nadia proved fruitless. Nadia was being cared for by Lee when she vanished.

The Homicide Division took over the case after detectives received information suggesting there may have been foul play. They confirmed they had enough evidence to conclude that foul play was a component. As of Friday, the medical examiner was still figuring out how Nadia died. The amount of Lee’s bond is $1.85 million.

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