Texas Troubadour Charlie Robinson Passes Away at 59!

Charlie Robison, a Texas singer-songwriter whose folk-rock anthems topped the country charts until he was forced to quit singing due to complications after surgery, passed away on Sunday. He was 59.

Family member, Robison passed away in a San Antonio hospital after experiencing cardiac arrest and other issues. Before creating his own band, Millionaire Playboys, Robison began his musical career in the late 1980s by performing with local Austin bands including Two Hoots and a Holler.

His solo debut, “Bandera,” was released in 1996 and was titled after the Texas Hill Country hamlet where his family has owned a ranch for many years. Here is more information about Charlie Robison deαth.

Texas Country Singer-Songwriter, D!es at 59

“It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that my husband, Charlie Robison, has passed away today, surrounded by his family and friends,” wrote Robison’s wife Kristen in a Facebook post announcing his passing. My heart is shattered. Please offer prayers for me, our kids, and our entire family.

Robison signed with Sony’s Lucky Dog brand, which was focused on rawer country when it approached him in 1998. The only Top 40 country song from his 2001 album “Step Right Up” is “I Want You Bad.”

After having surgery on his throat, Robison revealed in 2018 that he had permanently lost the ability to sing. Therefore, he said on Facebook, “Therefore, with a very heavy heart I am officially retiring from the stage and studio.”

For one year, Robison presided as a judge on “Nashville Star,” a reality TV program on the USA Network where competitors cohabited while vying for a recording contract for country music.

Charlie Robinson Texas Country Singer-songwriter Dies at 59

His wife Kristen Robison, four children, and stepchildren all survived him. His first spouse, Emily Strayer, a founding member of the renowned country band The Chicks, bore him three children. In 2008, they got divorced.

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Songs from the 2009 album “Beautiful Day” were inspired by Robison’s breakup with Strayer. While residing in a loft apartment in San Antonio, Texas, across from the Greyhound bus terminal, he videotaped it.

He described it as “the quintessential bachelor pad,” complete with mismatched furniture and beer bottles all over the floor.

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