Texas Examines Hospital Over Transgender Minor Care

State Attorney General Ken Paxton is looking into the treatment of transgender adolescents at a Texas hospital. Paxton stated on Friday that he is looking for proof of alleged “potentially illegal activity” but made no further explanations.

Although Paxton has pushed to classify gender-affirming care for youngsters as child abuse, Texas law does not now forbid it. The Austin hospital inquiry is the most recent effort by Republicans Paxton and Gov. Greg Abbott to pursue other legal channels for limitations.

Care For Transgender Minors

The action was taken in response to state Republican lawmakers’ attempts to forbid gender-affirming care for anyone under 18 in Texas. The GOP-controlled Legislature is attempting to make Texas the newest conservative state to restrict access to healthcare and transgender rights, but a House vote that was supposed to take place on Friday has been postponed for at least a day.

In 2022, Paxton published a legal opinion that was not legally binding and classified some gender-confirming medical procedures as child abuse. Abbott then gave the state’s child welfare agency the go-ahead to look into families receiving care. Last year, a Texas judge shut down such state investigations. You must check out the interesting about Texas Senate Allows Secretary Of State To Invalidate Harris County Elections

Texas Examines Hospital Over Transgender Minor Care

In response to Abc News, Dell Children’s Hospital is being asked for documentation identifying kids it has referred for counseling or treatment and information regarding its policies on puberty blockers. The attorney general’s office requested to review hospital data on Friday to ascertain whether state laws have been broken or patients or parents have been misled.

The hospital and numerous other facilities around the nation were allegedly involved in questionable medical practices, according to a recent report by the right-wing organization Project Veritas, which describes itself as a news source. The goal of this probe, according to Paxton, is to find the truth.

Dell Children’s Medical Group, a part of the University of Texas-affiliated Ascension non-profit Catholic health system, runs the hospital. The medical society claimed that for treating gender dysphoria in minors, it forbids both surgery and the prescription of hormone therapy. The organization cited a statement made on April 28, which promised to look into any claims of care that “may have been inconsistent” with those stances.

Additionally, it promised to take “appropriate action” if any care was discovered outside hospital rules. Ann Howser, a hospital spokeswoman, declined to go into further detail. Check out if you are interested in Rep Colin Allred’s Challenges Ted Cruz On Senate

Legislation limiting or outlawing gender-affirming care for minors has been passed in at least 16 states. Through laws or administrative orders, three states—Florida, Missouri, and Texas—have prohibited or limited the care. An unusual Missouri law that would have required adults and children to go through more than a year of counseling and meet other standards before obtaining gender-affirming therapies was temporarily barred by a judge on Monday.

We have given a tweet about the Texas AG investigating Austin Children’s Hospital over transgender care for minors. You can see below:

The Texas Senate has approved a version of the transgender care prohibition for kids. For the second time this week, a technological issue caused the House’s scheduled vote on Friday to be postponed. On Tuesday, proponents for transgender rights disturbed the House with demonstrations from the gallery, and state police ordered the crowd to disperse outside.

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