Texas GOP Censures Congressman Tony Gonzales for Voting Against Party Lines

In response to his recent votes that caused the party to split, U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-San Antonio, was convicted by the Republican Party of Texas on Saturday. The censure resolution was approved by the State Republican Executive Committee 57-5, with one member abstaining. To pass, it required a three-fifths majority.

The action enables the party to forego the requirement to remain impartial in intraparty races for Gonzales’ upcoming primary. The state party criticized a member of its own in this manner just once before, in 2018, and it was Joe Straus, the state House Speaker at the time. Also, he was moderate from San Antonio.

Gonzales did not attend the SREC meeting, but on Thursday in San Antonio, he spoke about the matter following a separate press conference. In particular, he defended his support for the gun regulation that both parties passed last year in the wake of the Uvalde school shooting in his area. If the vote were to occur again today, he declared, “I would vote twice on it if I could.”

Texas GOP Censures Congressman Tony Gonzales for Voting Against Party Lines

The Gonzales campaign issued a statement criticizing the state party in response to the reprimand.

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SREC Quarterly Meeting

The SREC, the state party’s 64-member governing council, is heavily conservative and comprises some of its most active activists.

Gonzales hasn’t drawn any serious primary opponents yet, but the criticism might encourage some to run. Following the censure, Gonzales received support from the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House Republicans’ political action committee.

Medina County, located west of San Antonio and a portion of Gonzales’ 23rd District, was the source of the initial censure resolution. It referenced both his vote for a statute codifying safeguards for same-sex marriage and his support for the bipartisan gun law that was approved last year.

John Lira tweeted on Texas-23 as a target of opportunity. You can see below:

The motion also cited his vote against the House rules package in January and his opposition to a border security measure proposed by Austin-based Republican lawmaker Chip Roy, a fellow state representative from Texas.

Gonzales, the lone Republican from Texas, was one of just 14 Republicans to support the gun control legislation. He was the lone Republican to vote against the rules package. He has been the only one of the Texas Republicans to vehemently oppose Roy’s legislation, arguing that it would effectively eliminate asylum. Roy disputes that.

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