Texas Governor Greg Abbott Takes A Stand On Transgender Athletes: Supports Ban On Participation In College Sports

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Takes A Stand On Transgender Athletes. He stated on Saturday that he would support legislation that would prohibit transgender student-athletes from competing on collegiate teams that match their gender.
“This next session, we will pass a law prohibiting biological men to compete against women in college sports,” Abbott declared at Young America’s Foundation Freedom conference in Dallas. He made the remarks during a “fireside chat” with former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

In 2021, state lawmakers approved legislation prohibiting transgender student-athletes from participating in K-12 school sports teams that correspond to their gender. However, Abbott has previously expressed reservations about extending such limits to collegiate players.

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Last year Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill against transgender athletes. NewsNation posted a video on the matter you can see the tweeted video below

When asked if he would impose restrictions on transgender college athletes at a Kingwood Tea Party rally in October 2021, Abbott did not respond immediately. Republican senators have already introduced two proposals this legislative session, Senate Bill 649 and House Bill 23, that would prohibit transgender students from participating in sports at colleges and universities.

The proposals barring transgender college athletes might spark a political battle. The Board of Governors of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which supervises the main governing body for collegiate athletics, has long favored the inclusion of transgender student-athletes in its contests. At least 20 Texas universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, Texas State University, and Texas A&M University, compete in NCAA competitions.


The NCAA declared in 2021 that it will only organize championships in which transgender student-athletes will be allowed to compete without discrimination.

Transgender student-athletes are currently required by the NCAA’s participation standards to document sport-specific testosterone levels beginning four weeks before their sports’ championship selections.
Amendments to the regulations of the University Interscholastic League, which administers primary and secondary school sports in Texas, were triggered by the 2021 law surrounding K-12 sports. The UIL historically allowed lawfully altered birth certificates in which someone’s sex was changed to match their gender.

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Republican lawmakers have targeted transgender people as a means of bolstering their appeal among social conservatives in recent sessions, beginning with the 2017 special legislative session when they attempted but failed to prohibit transgender people from using public and school bathrooms that corresponded to their gender. Conservatives are also attempting to ban certain sorts of gender-affirming care for minors and to limit lessons about sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools this session. This article contains information from various sources including texastribune.org

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