Texas Governor Faces Backlash as Federal Judge Blocks Drag Show Ban!

Gov. Greg Abbott criticized the temporary restraining order that a federal judge issued against Senate Bill 12, a Texas measure that would make drag shows illegal throughout the state. Abbott reacted to the interim restraining order as “absurd” in a social media post on Monday.

“Federal judge in Texas blocks a law I signed that bans sexually explicit drag shows in front of children. This is absurd,” the governor posted on his personal account on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“We will fight to have this overturned & to protect our children from this indoctrination.” The bill itself does not mention the word “drag” but specifies it is targeted at “sexually oriented performances.”

The temporary restraining order against SB12 was issued by U.S. District Judge David Hittner on Thursday, shortly before the bill was scheduled to take effect on Friday. After a two-day hearing early last week about a case filed by five plaintiffs, Hittner granted the request.

These plaintiffs included a local drag production firm called Extragrams as well as performer Brigitte Bandit from Austin. In his ruling, Hittner stated that the order would only be in effect for 14 days while he thought about issuing a long-term injunction against the statute.

Texas Governor Slams Temporary Block of Drag Performance Law

The state is anticipated to file an appeal if that happens. After hearing the plaintiffs’ concerns during the two-day hearing, Hittner stated in his decision on Thursday that he agreed with them that the law was unconstitutional.

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Texas Governor Slams Temporary Block

A new Texas legislation that drags show performers worry may be used to shut them down or put them in jail was temporarily blocked by a federal judge on Thursday.

The measure, which was enacted by the Republican-controlled Legislature, would broaden the definition of what constitutes an unlawful public display of sexual activity in front of minors in the Texas criminal code.

It is part of a larger campaign to restrict LGBTQ rights and outlaw drag events in Texas and other conservative states. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, to detractors, could be included in the term because of its broadness.

The law was temporarily halted by U.S. District Judge David Hittner in Houston after a group of drag performers and supporters of LGBTQ+ rights tried to stop it from taking effect on Friday. Drag performers and campaigners said the new law will limit their freedom of speech during a two-day court hearing earlier this week.

Hittner’s ruling supported the plaintiffs’ argument that the new regulation is probably illegal because it infringes on their First Amendment rights. In order to put a stop to the law while he drafts a more permanent order in the case, Hittner claimed he issued the temporary restraining order.

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