Texas Man Who Spit At Police Sees ‘life Of Crime’ Crumble Gets 70 Years To’send A Message’

According to reports, a man found guilty of spitting at police officers in Lubbock, Texas, back in May 2022 was given a sentence of seventy years in prison on Wednesday. According to a report by KLBK-TV in Lubbock, Texas, the month of May 2022 saw the arrest of 36-year-old Larry Pearson on charges of domestic violence.

According to the prosecuting attorney Jessica Gorman, who spoke with the station, Pearson was taken into custody after the victim contacted a member of the Lubbock Police Department. The allegations that led to Pearson’s arrest center on the fact that he allegedly struck a woman in the face multiple times, leaving her with obvious wounds after the incident.

Texas Man Who Spit At Police Sees 'life Of Crime' Crumble Gets 70 Years To'send A Message'
Texas Man Who Spit At Police Sees ‘life Of Crime’ Crumble Gets 70 Years To’send A Message’

The station reported that after Pearson was arrested and placed in a patrol vehicle, he became angry because the victim was not arrested, and then he began kicking the cruiser’s door. This happened after Pearson had been arrested. Jim Shaw, Pearson’s attorney, explained to the panel that his client was being sentenced for a “simple misdemeanor” that had spiraled out of control. The crimes in the states don’t seem to be going lower or stopped reading about another crime by a nurse about a kickback scam.

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As it turned out, the jury gave Pearson a sentence of seventy years. According to statements made by Gorman to KLBK-TV, an individual who has never violated the law in the past would not receive a sentence of seventy years in prison for an act such as this one.

She reportedly told the court, “If you’re going to live a life of crime, you’re going to do that among other criminals,” which was reported by a CBS affiliate. Pearson spat at the officers after they opened the door and told him to stop. He continued to do so after he also arrived at the Lubbock County Detention Center.

A jury ultimately decided that Pearson was responsible for two counts of the harassment of a public servant and found him guilty. When considering a number to attach to the sentence, Gorman asked the jury to “send a message” to Pearson and society. Gorman did not immediately respond to inquiries made by Fox News Digital regarding the sentencing.

As a result of Pearson’s prior convictions for aggravated robbery and family violence, the prosecutor estimated that the least amount of time he could expect to spend behind bars would be 25 years. A similar crime happened in Texas. You might like to know about Texas Teen Faces 45-Year Prison Sentence For Shocking Uber Eats Murder

Conclusion: Larry Pearson was sentenced to 70 years for spitting at Lubbock, Texas, police officers after being arrested for domestic violence. Pearson’s lawyer said his client’s sentence was excessive for a misdemeanor. The prosecutor argued that Pearson’s prior aggravated robbery and family violence convictions justified the sentence as a message to Pearson and society. This case shows how Texas treats violent crimes and their potential repercussions. The nurse’s kickback scam illustrates the need to continue addressing and preventing violent crime in the state.

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