Texas Middle And High Schools Ban Bags For Safety

In Texas, all middle school and high school kids are not allowed to bring backpacks to school. On Monday, the DeSoto Independent School District will start to enforce its “no backpack” rule. The policy is meant to keep people safe, but it’s unclear why the district chose to start using it now when there are only six weeks left of the school year.

The district hasn’t said anything about recent cases where weapons were found on school grounds, but last month alone, people brought g*ns to schools in nearby communities.

High School Carried A G*n In His Backpack

A student at Arlington Lamar High School carried a g*n in his backpack and sh*t at his peers, killing and hurting another. At Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, one student was shot in the parking lot, and a student at William Monning Middle School in Fort Worth brought a g*n to school.

Texas Middle And High Schools Ban Bags For Safety

After the sh**ting at an elementary school in Uvalde in 2022, Dallas ISD started making middle school students use clear or mesh bags this year.

Middle school and high school kids in the DeSoto ISD cannot use backpacks to carry their school supplies. But they can still carry a clutch or pencil case about the size of a lunch bag. You might check Texas Senate Bill Mandates Ten Commandments In Public Schools.

“Books, papers and pens. Things that are essential for them to have in school, they need to have the items available to them,” parent Nakesha Williams told Fox 4. “What can you put in a sandwich bag? You can’t put your papers in there. If there are books, you can’t put books like that in there.”

Ray, Williams’s son, told the outlet that he needs to bring things from his sports locker room home as well. Students who still bring backpacks to school must leave them in a certain place and pick them up after school. Students who play sports, are in a band, or do other things outside of school will also have their own places to put their bags.

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The district’s security will also rotate between inside and outside of campuses on a frequent basis. Officials at the school say that the ban on backpacks lets teachers and staff focus on the kids instead of having to search through bags. You see that  Austin Church Donates $24K To AISD Students’ School Lunch Debt.

DeSoto ISD also said that hallway traffic would be limited during the school day and that parents should pick up their kids as close to the end of the school day as possible.

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