Texas Mother Charged With Child Neglect After Allegedly Abandoning Kids

A Texas lady accused of leaving her two small children unattended in Houston for several weeks was apprehended on Wednesday in south Alabama.

Raven Yates was located at an apartment building in Mobile, Alabama, at 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, according to the Roman Forest Police Department in Texas, which received a tip about her whereabouts. According to reports, Yates was residing at the unit with a male. He reportedly helped the police enter the residence and arrest her.

A Call To Police Enforcement By A Father

A worried father reportedly called police enforcement in November 2022 to report that his 12-year-old daughter and her 3-year-old sibling had been home alone since September 28 without regular access to food or medical supplies.

Texas Mother Charged With Child Neglect

The 12-year-father old’s was informed that Yates was in Mobile without her children after hearing through his ex-mother-in-law that the kids were at home alone. When his daughter begged him to send meals frequently since Yates was “working,” he put two and two together.

He left California, where he worked then, and promptly flew to Texas. When he arrived in Texas, the kids were left unattended from September 28 to November 14. Also, they were not enrolled in school.

Authorities characterized Yates as “extremely active” on social media when the story was published last autumn. She was making posts about the situation, which resulted in several tips and leads. Finally, on December 8, a warrant was issued for her arrest.

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Yates spoke with Sherman Desselle via her Instagram page on Wednesday, just before she was taken into custody. She made several accusations about her ex-husband, including that he was “trying to kill her.” Yates explained to Desselle that she “had to take care of her father, who was on life support, and hire a nanny for the children while she was away.”

Andy Vermaut tweeted that a Texas mother was arrested in Alabama months after abandoning her. You can see below:

Also, the woman asserted that her 12-year-old daughter had “thousands of cash to do and purchase anything.” Yates is accused of two charges of abandoning a kid in danger without intending to take it back, according to Roman Forest police.

The Mobile Police Department is holding her in anticipation of her return to Montgomery County, Texas. The two kids are secure with a family member in Alabama.

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