Texas Republican Endorses Trump After Meeting DeSantis

After meeting with Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Texas Representative Lance Gooden (R) declared on Tuesday that he is supporting former President Trump for the GOP candidacy for president in 2024.

In a statement published on his Twitter page, Gooden said that he chose following “careful consideration” and a “positive meeting” with DeSantis. Respecting DeSantis and his successes as governor, he added he still thinks Trump is the most outstanding candidate given his track record and “commitment to putting America first.”

“I met with Governor DeSantis, and while he has done commendable work in Florida, there is no doubt in my mind that President Trump is the only leader who can save America from the leftist onslaught we are currently facing,” he said.

Texas Republican Endorses Trump After Meeting DeSantis

Gooden is the newest Republican in the House to support Trump for the party’s presidential candidacy. John Rutherford, a Florida Republican congressman, endorsed Trump on Tuesday.

On Monday, Rep. Greg Steube (R-Fla.) declared his support for Trump. Despite being the first former president to face criminal charges, Trump has received considerable support from House and Senate Republicans. Check the Trump Rally Timing Sparks Controversy On Waco Dark Anniversary.

“I wholeheartedly endorse President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 presidential election and vow to fight alongside him to reclaim our country from the leftist forces that threaten to destroy it. Together, we will ensure a prosperous and secure future for our great nation,” Gooden said.

In addition, Trump has received a number of nods from Florida Republicans, citing backing from DeSantis’ state party. Reps. Cory Mills, Anna Paulina Luna, Byron Donalds, and Matt Gaetz are among them.

After careful consideration and a positive meeting with Governor DeSantis, Lance Gooden tweeted that Today. You can check below:

DeSantis has not publicly stated whether he intends to run for president, although it is widely believed that he is considering it. Additionally, he has constantly finished second to Trump in fictitious Republican primary surveys. Additionally, he recently planned travels to early-primary states, including Iowa and New Hampshire.

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