Texas State Representative Proposes Bill for Secession Vote

On Monday, Republican Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton filed a plan to put the question of Texas seceding from the United States to a popular vote.

A referendum will be on the 2024 general election ballot if the Texas legislature passes the Texas Independence Referendum Act or TEXIT.

“The Texas Constitution is clear that all political power resides in the people. After decades of continuous abuse of our rights and liberties by the federal government, it is time to let the people of Texas make their voices heard,” Slaton said in a statement.

Texas State Representative Proposes Bill for Secession Vote

The Texas National Movement

To “explore the possibility of Texas independence” and “submit viable plans” to the Legislature, H.B. 3596 would grant such authority. The Texas National Movement, a grass-roots organization with over 440,000 members working towards Texas independence, has supported the bill.

“The people of Texas will look back on this day as a historic first step in taking back our autonomy and our right to self-determination from the federal government,” Texas National Movement President Daniel Miller said to Fox News in a statement.

Republican State Representative Jeff Leach tweeted that the proposal was “stupid” and the “very definition of hypocrite & seditious treachery & it is already dead.” You can take a look below:

Slaton introduced the bill on the 187th anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo, representing the fight for Texas independence. That “passion for liberty and self-governance continues to flame in the hearts of all Texans,” he said, “is what gave birth to Texas.”

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Texas has made several attempts to break away from the United States, including the landmark 1868 Supreme Court case Texas v. White, which ruled that states do not have the power to secede from the union on their own.

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